Doberman Pinscher Breed Information

Doberman Pinscher Breed Since Sunday, June 01, 2003
Breeders Dogs Entries Litter Size Lifespan* National
35 548 822 6.1 12 13

Schedule of Points

Sex 1 2 3 4 5
Dogs 2 3 5 6 8
Bitches 2 3 4 5 7

Top Kennels in Breed

Rank Username Contact Last Visit
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Breed Scale of Points

Trait Importance
Head 10
Forequarter 10
Hindquarter 10
Gait 15
Top Neck and Back 15
Coat 5
Size 10
Feet 5
General 20
Breed Colors
Black and Rust 33%
Blue and Rust 17%
Fawn and Rust 17%
Red and Rust 33%

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Lifespan refers to the earliest age (in months) that Doberman Pinscher dogs can die on
"General" Factor
The "General" factor takes into account such things as show shine and temperament in addition to the other genetic traits.
Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.