Old Golden Retrievers For Sale

Auto indicates dogs that do not require approval from the seller.

Color Pic Auto Name Owner Pedigree Sex Color Price Dogs Beaten
Yes CH Riverlodge Time Lapse Double Dragon S: CH GoldRivers Take The Cash N Run
D: Riverlodge Plot Master
Dog Dark Golden $100 159
Yes Dragons Going Double Dragon S: Riverlodge Nobody To Love
D: CH Riverlodge Back To December
Bitch Dark Golden $100 0

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.
The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.