Grand Champions Bred

The following is a list of all 38 grand champions bred by Ozlok. 

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Bombyx Paint it Black 3/26/2019 4/24/2019 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Millennium Falcon 3/25/2019 4/21/2019 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Black Sails 2/18/2019 3/25/2019 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Space Man 9/4/2018 10/11/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Milky Way 8/22/2018 9/28/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Moon of Love 8/22/2018 9/29/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Dragonfly 8/4/2018 10/10/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Sailor Moon 6/19/2018 7/14/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Lightspeed 5/23/2018 6/18/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Shoot The Moon 5/22/2018 7/2/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Sail to the Moon 5/12/2018 6/15/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Dark Side of the Moon 5/12/2018 7/12/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Deweys Take It to the Limit 3/17/2018 7/11/2018 Redbone Coonhound Dewey Kennel
Bombyx Modern Moonlight 4/17/2018 5/12/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Landrys The Fixer 3/17/2018 6/22/2018 Redbone Coonhound Landry Kennel
Bombyx Candy Crush 4/3/2018 5/1/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Fly Me to the Moon 3/12/2018 4/8/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Trick Stick 2/7/2018 4/8/2018 Silky Terrier Ozlok
Bombyx Jelly Baby 1/21/2018 3/3/2018 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Trifle 1/21/2018 2/16/2018 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Mr Darcy 11/12/2017 12/15/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Jack O Lantern 10/31/2017 12/16/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Jelly Fox 10/26/2017 11/15/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Triskaidekaphobia 10/13/2017 11/9/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Folie à deux 10/8/2017 11/10/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Amortentia 9/26/2017 10/22/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Fantastic Mr Fox 9/15/2017 12/31/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Uptown Funk 7/11/2017 9/20/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Pieces of Valentine 8/11/2017 10/4/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx The Onion Knight 8/11/2017 9/22/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx White Knight 7/6/2017 9/27/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Expecto Patronum 7/6/2017 8/20/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Epiphany Maia 7/18/2017 8/16/2017 Canaan Dog Deceased
Epiphany Athena 1/31/2017 3/31/2017 Canaan Dog Deceased
Bombyx Red Carpet 11/13/2016 1/11/2017 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Glitterati 10/9/2016 12/1/2016 Silky Terrier Deceased
Bombyx Stairway to Heaven 9/14/2016 10/22/2016 Silky Terrier Deceased
Ozlok Princess Bubblegum 3/19/2016 5/20/2016 Spinone Italiano Deceased

Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.