Champions Finished

The following is a partial list of 80 champions finished by Dogs of Rockwood .  This list is not comprehensive, espcially for dogs finished prior to 2008.

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Bonnie Didi of Rockwood 7/24/2017 9/1/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Unbreakable JR of Rockwood 7/2/2017 8/28/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Blu Dreams of Rockwood 5/28/2017 8/25/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Tryna of Rockwood 6/19/2017 8/15/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Macon of Rockwood 6/19/2017 8/10/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Dark Blu of Rockwood 5/2/2017 8/9/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Elise of Rockwood 6/19/2017 8/5/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Blu Dreammaker of Rockwood 6/3/2017 7/26/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Miss Sexy Blu of Rockwood 5/2/2017 7/21/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Blu Storm of Rockwood 5/2/2017 7/7/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Temno of Rockwood 4/3/2017 6/14/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Krasota of Rockwood 4/3/2017 6/9/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Bonnie of Rockwood 2/25/2017 5/19/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Arctic Edge of Rockwood 2/25/2017 5/19/2017 Saint Bernard Dogs of Rockwood
Frisk Risk of Rockwood 3/3/2017 5/19/2017 Neapolitan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Darkside of Rockwood 2/25/2017 5/18/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Xmas Eve of Rockwood 12/24/2016 4/20/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Xmas Bonnie of Rockwood 12/24/2016 2/27/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Xmas Dreams of Rockwood 12/11/2016 2/27/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Jensen of Rockwood 11/29/2016 2/24/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Northern Lights of Rockwood 11/29/2016 2/23/2017 Neapolitan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
Unbreakable of Rockwood 11/29/2016 2/5/2017 Tibetan Mastiff Dogs of Rockwood
SNK Rista 4/5/2016 7/10/2016 Neapolitan Mastiff Deceased
Shelmast Shazza Rhinestone 2/7/2016 5/3/2016 Tibetan Mastiff Deceased
Shelmast Shazza R 2/8/2016 3/31/2016 Tibetan Mastiff Deceased
Miss Fap of Rockwood 3/4/2013 4/24/2013 Thai Ridgeback Deceased
Tanan of Rockwood 10/13/2012 1/8/2013 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
P¯hu^ chna of Rockwood 10/15/2012 12/27/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Knulle Du of Rockwood 11/5/2012 12/22/2012 Thai Ridgeback Deceased
Makt of Rockwood 9/21/2012 12/19/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Try Again of Rockwood 9/10/2012 12/14/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Underestimated of Rockwood 8/26/2012 12/5/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
My Mountain of Rockwood 8/3/2012 11/25/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Fiery Love of Rockwood 8/5/2012 11/14/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Na rak of Rockwood 10/15/2012 11/10/2012 Thai Ridgeback Deceased
Coming to Win of Rockwood 9/7/2012 10/30/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Rizen of Rockwood 7/6/2012 10/18/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Bulbasaur of Rockwood 7/25/2012 10/17/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Gallede of Rockwood 6/10/2012 10/3/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Aron of Rockwood 7/22/2012 9/26/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Bite Me of Rockwood 8/5/2012 9/21/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Azelf of Rockwood 6/2/2012 9/3/2012 Thai Ridgeback Deceased
Everest of Rockwood 5/20/2012 8/27/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Black August of Rockwood 6/1/2012 8/24/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Angel of Rockwood 5/20/2012 7/29/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Osya of Rockwood 5/9/2012 7/23/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Stellar of Rockwood 5/20/2012 7/21/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Buttercup of Rockwood 5/5/2012 7/20/2012 Saint Bernard Deceased
Full of Bliss of Rockwood 5/9/2012 7/11/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
ChaKen of Rockwood 5/9/2012 7/1/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Kailee of Rockwood 5/7/2012 7/1/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
August Bliss of Rockwood 5/9/2012 6/27/2012 Thai Ridgeback Deceased
Vitae Kenya 3/31/2012 6/12/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
McCauley of Rockwood 5/5/2012 6/3/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Cacnea of Rockwood 4/25/2012 5/29/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Ixion Snow Over Rockwood 3/28/2012 5/26/2012 Afghan Hound Loving Family
Black Ice of Rockwood 4/14/2012 5/17/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Metta Bliss August 4/3/2012 5/17/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Kantor Lost Dreams 3/24/2012 4/29/2012 Thai Ridgeback Loving Family
Reise Visions of the Future 2/27/2012 4/3/2012 Lakeland Terrier Loving Family
Céleste Sable Diamond 1/18/2012 3/29/2012 American Cocker Spaniel Deceased
Kazenova of Rockwood 1/16/2012 3/25/2012 Great Dane Deceased
Arro First Snow 2/2/2012 3/21/2012 Afghan Hound Loving Family
El Selahs Lucky Passion 1/3/2012 2/19/2012 Great Dane Deceased
V.irus Merlin 11/10/2009 1/7/2010 German Shepherd Dog Loving Family
Cocheta*s Pumpkin Picker 8/31/2009 10/23/2009 German Shepherd Dog Deceased
Muskie of Rockwood 10/21/2008 1/10/2009 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Holy Gift of Rockwood 10/16/2008 12/17/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Murtagh of Rockwood 9/23/2008 12/2/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Phinlin of Rockwood 9/12/2008 11/12/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Sasquatchite of Rockwood 4/13/2008 6/2/2008 Tibetan Mastiff Loving Family
Houndoom van Rockwood 8/20/2007 10/23/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Loving Family
Bespoke Deep Magic 6/8/2007 7/25/2007 Labrador Retriever Deceased
CandJ van Rockwood 6/1/2007 7/12/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Loving Family
Koud Hart van Rockwood 4/27/2007 6/17/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Deceased
Stalker van Rockwood 3/28/2007 5/18/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Deceased
Rikna of the rising sun 2/2/2007 5/8/2007 Neapolitan Mastiff Loving Family
PdN Brother In Arms 3/16/2007 4/29/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Loving Family
PdN Fatal Kiss 3/16/2007 4/23/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Deceased
Standin on Da Edge of Rockwood 12/7/2006 1/18/2007 Tibetan Mastiff Loving Family

Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.