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Breeder of azawakh and pharaoh hound.

interested in a puppy or brood, just ask!

I rearly place puppys/dogs out for sale unless you ask

All my studs goes for 50$, ch/great ch for 100 $

Welcome back!

GCH CH Aecs Uma Thery Pharaoh Hound
Aecs La Arya Azawakh
Aecs La Bueni Azawakh
Aecs La Cytron Azawakh
Aecs La Khanifa Azawakh
Aecs La Larya Azawakh
Aecs La Lisa Lotti Azawakh
Aecs La Tree Teme Azawakh
Aecs Aesy Pika Pharaoh Hound
Aecs Emilyer Pharaoh Hound
Aecs Zeuline Pharaoh Hound
YS Gifted With Aesthetics Pharaoh Hound
Zahraa Hareya Saluki

GCH CH Aecs Arc Anemy Pharaoh Hound
CH Aecs Zeus Pharaoh Hound
Aecs La Manioo Azawakh
Aecs La Temple Azawakh
Aecs Crysted Cyrene Pharaoh Hound

By Aecs Crysted Cyrene out of YS Gifted With Aesthetics.
(1 days)
Aecs Chahara (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
Aecs Al Sheikhir (Dog) Pharaoh Hound
By Ch Zahraa Sheikh out of Zahraa Hareya.
(2 days)
Aecs Akhale (Dog) Saluki
Aecs Sehrki (Bitch) Saluki
Aecs Tsunhem (Bitch) Saluki
By Aecs Csemario out of Ch Aecs Uma Thery.
(9 days)
Aecs Sorenhe (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
Aecs Uma Dog (Dog) Pharaoh Hound
By Ch Aecs Zeus out of Aecs Aesy Pika.
(9 days)
Aecs Ehkelen Khen (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
By Aecs Roosemarin out of Aecs Sissy Ywecke.
(9 days)
Aecs Eera (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
By Aecs Crysted Cyrene out of Aecs Soolo Somarier.
(9 days)
Aecs Sereem Alhal (Dog) Pharaoh Hound
By Aecs Csemario out of Aecs Zeuline.
(9 days)
Aecs Haloghen (Dog) Pharaoh Hound
By Aecs Csemario out of Aecs Zeusorin.
(9 days)
Aecs Alehnes Athen (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound
Aecs Sarhra Hare (Bitch) Pharaoh Hound

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Aecs Blessed with Beauty Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Aecs Highway To Hell Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Aecs Pharaohs Mistress Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Elan Khen Just Craisi Pharaoh Hound
GCH CH Elan Khen Superior Storm Pharaoh Hound
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