Everdale Goldens

582 homebred champions!! In 61 breeds!

Special thanks goes out to everyone who owns and has finished one of my homebred dogs! I really appreciate your hardwork with my dogs.

My finishing kennel is currently OPEN.

Finishing Prices:
$50 for fully sessioned
$100 for partially sessioned
$200 for unsessioned
$150 for GCH

PM me if you are interested.

582 Homebred champions in 61 breeds & counting!

--Affenpinscher--Afghan Hound--Airedale Terrier--Alaskan Malamute--American Cocker Spaniel--Austrailian Shepherd--Bedlington Terrier--Belgian Sheepdog--Belgian Tervuren--Black Russian Terrier--Border Collie--Bouvier des Flandres--Boxer--Briard--Brittany--Brussels Griffon--Bull Terrier--Cane Corso--Cavalier King Charles Spaniel--Chesapeake Bay Retriever--Chinese Shar-Pei--Collie--Dalmatian--Doberman Pinscher--English Cocker Spaniel--English Foxhound--English Springer Spaniel--English Toy Spaniel--German Shorthaired Pointer--German Wirehaired Pointer--Giant Schnauzer--Golden Retriever--Gordon Setter--Great Dane--Harrier--Ibizan Hound--Irish Setter--Irish Water Spaniel--Irish Wolfhound--Labrador Retriever--Lakeland Terrier--Miniature Bull Terrier--Miniature Schnauzer--Norfolk Terrier--Norwich Terrier--Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever--Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen--Pharaoh Hound--Pointer--Rhodesian Ridgeback--Rottweiler--Saluki--Scottish Terrier--Sealyham Terrier--Siberian Husky--Smooth Fox Terrier--Spinone Italiano--Staffordshire Bull Terrier--Standard Schnauzer--Welsh Springer Spaniel--Wire Fox Terrier--

GCH CH Everdales Breaking Bad--Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Next Step--Golden Retriever
CH Everdales Knight Armour--Golden Retriever

I usually have dogs & puppies for sale all the time. Take a look!

Feel free to PM me if you need help getting started in either of my breeds. I would be happy to sell you some nice dogs.

I always have litters on the ground or litters due soon! Check back often for puppies.

PM me to reserve a puppy from any litter!

Check out my other kennel:
--Hillwood Schnauzers--
Miniatures & Standards

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Updated 4/5/14

CH Everdales All Around The World (96.75) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Birds Eye View (96.85) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Dancing In The Dark (96.75) Golden Retriever
CH Everdales Freeze Dance (96.85) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Have It Your Way (96.85) Golden Retriever
CH Everdales Ready Or Not (96.90) Golden Retriever
CH Prophesy Seeking Justice (96.90) Golden Retriever
CH Everdales Fact Of Life (94.45) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Forever In My Heart (94.45) Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Heartbreaker (94.70) Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Hundred Million (94.35) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Love Is Calling (94.35) Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Snow White (94.40) Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales White Liar (94.50) Labrador Retriever
•SiPr• Just Dance (96.85) Golden Retriever

GCH CH Everdales Knight Armour (96.90) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Next Step (96.90) Golden Retriever
GCH CH Everdales Breaking Bad (94.25) Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Fact Or Fiction (94.55) Labrador Retriever
Everdales Chief Justice (97.10) Golden Retriever
Everdales Get Ready To Dance (96.95) Golden Retriever
Everdales Long Dark Road (97.00) Golden Retriever

By Ch Mayas Life On The Fast Lane out of Ch Everdales Forever In My Heart.
(2 days)
Everdales Forever Young (94.60) (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
By Z3 Bacon out of Rhinestone of BluMonday.
(4 days)
Everdales Blue Diamond (91.75) (Bitch) Kerry Blue Terrier
Everdales Stones Throw (91.30) (Dog) Kerry Blue Terrier
By Ch Everdales Next Step out of •SiPr• Just Dance.
(8 days)
Everdales Next Dance (96.90) (Dog) Golden Retriever
By Ch Mayas Life On The Fast Lane out of Ch Everdales Fact Of Life.
(9 days)
Everdales Fast Paced (94.55) (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
Everdales Fast And Furious (94.60) (Dog) Labrador Retriever

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CH Everdales Fact Of Life
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GCH CH Everdales Love Is Calling
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GCH CH Everdales Dancing In The Dark
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