Everdale Goldens

582 homebred champions!! In 61 breeds!

Special thanks goes out to everyone who owns and has finished one of my homebred dogs! I really appreciate your hardwork with my dogs.

My finishing kennel is currently OPEN.

Finishing Prices:
$50 for fully sessioned
$100 for partially sessioned
$200 for unsessioned
$150 for GCH

PM me if you are interested.

582 Homebred champions in 61 breeds & counting!

--Affenpinscher--Afghan Hound--Airedale Terrier--Alaskan Malamute--American Cocker Spaniel--Austrailian Shepherd--Bedlington Terrier--Belgian Sheepdog--Belgian Tervuren--Black Russian Terrier--Border Collie--Bouvier des Flandres--Boxer--Briard--Brittany--Brussels Griffon--Bull Terrier--Cane Corso--Cavalier King Charles Spaniel--Chesapeake Bay Retriever--Chinese Shar-Pei--Collie--Dalmatian--Doberman Pinscher--English Cocker Spaniel--English Foxhound--English Springer Spaniel--English Toy Spaniel--German Shorthaired Pointer--German Wirehaired Pointer--Giant Schnauzer--Golden Retriever--Gordon Setter--Great Dane--Harrier--Ibizan Hound--Irish Setter--Irish Water Spaniel--Irish Wolfhound--Labrador Retriever--Lakeland Terrier--Miniature Bull Terrier--Miniature Schnauzer--Norfolk Terrier--Norwich Terrier--Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever--Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen--Pharaoh Hound--Pointer--Rhodesian Ridgeback--Rottweiler--Saluki--Scottish Terrier--Sealyham Terrier--Siberian Husky--Smooth Fox Terrier--Spinone Italiano--Staffordshire Bull Terrier--Standard Schnauzer--Welsh Springer Spaniel--Wire Fox Terrier--

GCH CH Everdales Breaking Bad--Labrador Retriever
CH Everdales Next Step--Golden Retriever
CH Everdales Knight Armour--Golden Retriever

I usually have dogs & puppies for sale all the time. Take a look!

Feel free to PM me if you need help getting started in either of my breeds. I would be happy to sell you some nice dogs.

I always have litters on the ground or litters due soon! Check back often for puppies.

PM me to reserve a puppy from any litter!

Check out my other kennel:
--Hillwood Schnauzers--
Miniatures & Standards

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