Shows Sponsored by AmbitionImports

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by AmbitionImports . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Bacon Bits Farewell Specialty 3/12/2012 Charles Stallings Pointer 17
Feb 20th AWS Show 2/20/2012 Dwight James American Water Spaniel 13
Feb 15th Irish Setter Day 2/15/2012 Casey Wolfe Irish Setter 23
Feb 10th AWS Day 2/10/2012 Shane Walker American Water Spaniel 20
Feb 6th Pointer Show 2/6/2012 Terrance Lloyd Pointer 24
Feb 5th Irish Setter Show 2/5/2012 Betty Price Irish Setter 26
Jan 25th Irish Setter Day 1/25/2012 Sandra Grooms Irish Setter 25
Jan 23 Pointer Day 1/23/2012 Bennie Wilkins Pointer 17
Pointers Day Out 1/20/2012 Eric Fontenot Pointer 22
AWS Day Out 2 1/19/2012 Angela Perez American Water Spaniel 15
Irish Setter Day Out 1/18/2012 Angela Perez Irish Setter 22
AWS Day Out 1/15/2012 Carlos Stewart American Water Spaniel 0
8/25 IS Show 8/25/2008 Brian Oatman Irish Setter 47
8/20 IS Show 8/20/2008 Danial Mcdevitt Irish Setter 49
7/30 IS Show 7/30/2008 Jennifer Guerra Irish Setter 49
7/25 IS Show 7/25/2008 Brooks Wasson Irish Setter 49
7/20 IS Show 7/20/2008 Wilfredo Feaster Irish Setter 50
7/15 IS Show 7/15/2008 Lean Hoeffner Irish Setter 67
7/10 IS Show 7/10/2008 Ryan Juliesen Irish Setter 66
July 5th Irish setter Specialty 7/5/2008 Carlton Aubin Irish Setter 57
July 1st Irish setter Specialty 7/1/2008 Herb Hagge Irish Setter 52
June 29th Irish setter Specialty 6/29/2008 Raymundo Vanderpool Irish Setter 56
June 25th Irish setter Specialty 6/25/2008 Blake Hepler Irish Setter 46
June 20th Irish setter Specialty 6/20/2008 Cameron Radcliffe Irish Setter 50
June 15th Irish setter Specialty 6/15/2008 Mark Sayers Irish Setter 25
June 10th Irish setter Specialty 6/10/2008 Myron Carlo Irish Setter 30
June 5th Irish setter Specialty 6/5/2008 Gordon Teixeira Irish Setter 38
June 1st Irish setter Specialty 6/1/2008 Ryan Juliesen Irish Setter 34
May 30th Irish setter Specialty 5/30/2008 Willian Crutchfield Irish Setter 38
May 25th Irish setter Specialty 5/25/2008 Willian Crutchfield Irish Setter 24
May 20th Irish setter Specialty 5/20/2008 Pat Price Irish Setter 48
May 15th Irish setter Specialty 5/15/2008 Blake Hepler Irish Setter 42
May 10th Irish setterSpecialty 5/10/2008 Elvin Galan Irish Setter 45
May 5th Irish setterSpecialty 5/5/2008 Herb Hagge Irish Setter 35
May 1st Specialty 5/1/2008 Mike Dixon Irish Setter 24
Jan 20th Specialty 1/20/2008 Sang Wolfson Irish Setter 35
Jan 15th Specialty 1/15/2008 Sarah Smith Irish Setter 20
December 10th Specialty 12/10/2007 Lynn Jackson Irish Setter 49
December 5th Specialty 12/5/2007 James Link Irish Setter 52
Retirement Party for Electrifying 11/22/2007 Leif Law Irish Setter 20
October Challenge Specialty 10/30/2007 Brooks Wasson Irish Setter 60
October 25th Specialty 10/25/2007 Bryan Walston Irish Setter 66
June 23 Specialty 6/23/2006 JT Howden Irish Setter 101
Could This Be The Day 4 6/19/2006 Petar Amelia Irish Setter 90
Could This Be The Day 3 6/18/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 94
Could This Be The Day 2 6/17/2006 Holly Schroeder Irish Setter 90
Could This Be The Day 1 6/16/2006 Blake Hugh Irish Setter 89
AmbitionIrish 400th 4/15/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 77
Specialty Fun 3/24/2006 Holly Schroeder Irish Setter 57
Fun With The Red Dogs 2/26/2006 Travis Hunter Irish Setter 61
A Fond Farewell From AmbitionImports 2/24/2006 Finn McKay Irish Setter 61
Cheap Irish Setter Specialty 2/22/2006 Mark Sayers Irish Setter 80
Snow and Ice Specialty 2/17/2006 Lean Hoeffner Irish Setter 46
AmbitionIrish 375th 2/14/2006 Otto Oswald Irish Setter 69
Irish Setter World Specialty 1/30/2006 Amanda Young Irish Setter 71
Irish Setter Winter Specialty 1/25/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 67
Happy Birthday Chanel 1/15/2006 Mike Dixon American Water Spaniel 28

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.
Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.