Shows Sponsored by AmbitionImports

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by AmbitionImports . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Bacon Bits Farewell Specialty 3/12/2012 Charles Stallings Pointer 17
Feb 20th AWS Show 2/20/2012 Dwight James American Water Spaniel 13
Feb 15th Irish Setter Day 2/15/2012 Casey Wolfe Irish Setter 23
Feb 10th AWS Day 2/10/2012 Shane Walker American Water Spaniel 20
Feb 6th Pointer Show 2/6/2012 Terrance Lloyd Pointer 24
Feb 5th Irish Setter Show 2/5/2012 Betty Price Irish Setter 26
Jan 25th Irish Setter Day 1/25/2012 Sandra Grooms Irish Setter 25
Jan 23 Pointer Day 1/23/2012 Bennie Wilkins Pointer 17
Pointers Day Out 1/20/2012 Eric Fontenot Pointer 22
AWS Day Out 2 1/19/2012 Angela Perez American Water Spaniel 15
Irish Setter Day Out 1/18/2012 Angela Perez Irish Setter 22
AWS Day Out 1/15/2012 Carlos Stewart American Water Spaniel 0
8/25 IS Show 8/25/2008 Brian Oatman Irish Setter 47
8/20 IS Show 8/20/2008 Danial Mcdevitt Irish Setter 49
7/30 IS Show 7/30/2008 Jennifer Guerra Irish Setter 49
7/25 IS Show 7/25/2008 Brooks Wasson Irish Setter 49
7/20 IS Show 7/20/2008 Wilfredo Feaster Irish Setter 50
7/15 IS Show 7/15/2008 Lean Hoeffner Irish Setter 67
7/10 IS Show 7/10/2008 Ryan Juliesen Irish Setter 66
July 5th Irish setter Specialty 7/5/2008 Carlton Aubin Irish Setter 57
July 1st Irish setter Specialty 7/1/2008 Herb Hagge Irish Setter 52
June 29th Irish setter Specialty 6/29/2008 Raymundo Vanderpool Irish Setter 56
June 25th Irish setter Specialty 6/25/2008 Blake Hepler Irish Setter 46
June 20th Irish setter Specialty 6/20/2008 Cameron Radcliffe Irish Setter 50
June 15th Irish setter Specialty 6/15/2008 Mark Sayers Irish Setter 25
June 10th Irish setter Specialty 6/10/2008 Myron Carlo Irish Setter 30
June 5th Irish setter Specialty 6/5/2008 Gordon Teixeira Irish Setter 38
June 1st Irish setter Specialty 6/1/2008 Ryan Juliesen Irish Setter 34
May 30th Irish setter Specialty 5/30/2008 Willian Crutchfield Irish Setter 38
May 25th Irish setter Specialty 5/25/2008 Willian Crutchfield Irish Setter 24
May 20th Irish setter Specialty 5/20/2008 Pat Price Irish Setter 48
May 15th Irish setter Specialty 5/15/2008 Blake Hepler Irish Setter 42
May 10th Irish setterSpecialty 5/10/2008 Elvin Galan Irish Setter 45
May 5th Irish setterSpecialty 5/5/2008 Herb Hagge Irish Setter 35
May 1st Specialty 5/1/2008 Mike Dixon Irish Setter 24
Jan 20th Specialty 1/20/2008 Sang Wolfson Irish Setter 35
Jan 15th Specialty 1/15/2008 Sarah Smith Irish Setter 20
December 10th Specialty 12/10/2007 Lynn Jackson Irish Setter 49
December 5th Specialty 12/5/2007 James Link Irish Setter 52
Retirement Party for Electrifying 11/22/2007 Leif Law Irish Setter 20
October Challenge Specialty 10/30/2007 Brooks Wasson Irish Setter 60
October 25th Specialty 10/25/2007 Bryan Walston Irish Setter 66
June 23 Specialty 6/23/2006 JT Howden Irish Setter 101
Could This Be The Day 4 6/19/2006 Petar Amelia Irish Setter 90
Could This Be The Day 3 6/18/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 94
Could This Be The Day 2 6/17/2006 Holly Schroeder Irish Setter 90
Could This Be The Day 1 6/16/2006 Blake Hugh Irish Setter 89
AmbitionIrish 400th 4/15/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 77
Specialty Fun 3/24/2006 Holly Schroeder Irish Setter 57
Fun With The Red Dogs 2/26/2006 Travis Hunter Irish Setter 61
A Fond Farewell From AmbitionImports 2/24/2006 Finn McKay Irish Setter 61
Cheap Irish Setter Specialty 2/22/2006 Mark Sayers Irish Setter 80
Snow and Ice Specialty 2/17/2006 Lean Hoeffner Irish Setter 46
AmbitionIrish 375th 2/14/2006 Otto Oswald Irish Setter 69
Irish Setter World Specialty 1/30/2006 Amanda Young Irish Setter 71
Irish Setter Winter Specialty 1/25/2006 Germogen Dominique Irish Setter 67
Happy Birthday Chanel 1/15/2006 Mike Dixon American Water Spaniel 28

Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.