Shows Sponsored by Arctic Lights Kennels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Arctic Lights Kennels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Autumn Harvest All Breed Show 11/11/2016 Crystal Ramsey All 582
Autumn Keeshond Specialty 3 11/6/2016 Lucille Green Keeshond 21
Autumn Harrier Specialty 3 11/4/2016 Genevieve Cyr Harrier 13
Autumn Keeshond Specialty 2 10/30/2016 Jolene Ramsey Keeshond 30
Autumn PBGV Specialty 2 10/29/2016 Glen Bowers Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 27
Autumn Harrier Specialty 2 10/28/2016 Eileen Miller Harrier 23
Autumn Keeshond Specialty 1 10/23/2016 Alexander Crossland Keeshond 21
Autumn PBGV Specialty 1 10/22/2016 Anthony Lara Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 8
Autumn PBGV Specialty 3 10/21/2016 Lois Lund Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 8
Autumn Harrier Specialty 1 10/21/2016 Debbie Vaughn Harrier 13

Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.