Shows Sponsored by Berry Brits

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Berry Brits . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Berry Foxhound Specialty 3 6/27/2018 Scott Jackson English Foxhound 7
Berry Foxhound Specialty 2 6/25/2018 Christopher Kerr English Foxhound 7
Berry Foxhound Specialty 6/23/2018 Brenda Taylor English Foxhound 0
Berry Pom Specialty 5/28/2018 Mark Sayers Pomeranian 18
Berry Mini Schnauzer Specialty 5/20/2018 Sam Moss Miniature Schnauzer 19
Berry Whippet Specialty 1 5/16/2018 Charles Britton Whippet 20
Berry’s Celebration Whippet Specialty 4/10/2018 Sandra Grooms Whippet 8
Berry’s Celebration Mini Schauzer Specialty 4/10/2018 Luella Rogers Miniature Schnauzer 34
Berry’s Celebration Deerhound Specialty 4/10/2018 Jules Fox Scottish Deerhound 26

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class