Shows Sponsored by Kianya Kennels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Kianya Kennels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Kianya May 24th All Breed Show 5/24/2019 Trudy Walker All 112
Kianya May 3rd All Breed Show 5/3/2019 Herman Mader All 404
Kianya April 18th All Breed Show 4/18/2019 Sandra Grooms All 395
Kianya April 1st All Breed Show 4/1/2019 William Jones All 350
Kianya March 23rd All Breed Show 3/23/2019 Maria Mitchell All 329
Kianya St. Patricks Day All Breed Show 3/17/2019 Maria Santiago All 198
Kianya February 22nd All Breed Show 2/22/2019 Jennifer Green All 399
Kianya February 20th All Breed Show 2/20/2019 Johnnie Robinson All 581
Kianya February 13th All Breed Show 2018 2/13/2019 Maria Hopkins All 330
Kianya December 14th All Breed Show 12/14/2018 Kerrie Orval All 412
Kianya November 27th All Breed Show 11/27/2018 Linda Schubert All 378
Kianya November 26th All Breed Show 11/26/2018 Lisa Gale All 453
Kianya November 22nd All Breed Show 11/22/2018 Edward Fincher All 354
Kianya November 12th All Breed Show 11/12/2018 Lorene Moore All 593
Kianya November 1st All Breed Show 11/1/2018 Deforrest Aaren All 490
Kianya October 15th All Breed Show 10/15/2018 Ronald Schmidt All 1,238
Kianya September 29th All Breed Show 9/29/2018 Barbara Hall All 1,297
Kianya September 22nd All Breed Show 9/22/2018 Kristy Bryant All 762
Kianya September 3rd All Breed Show 9/3/2018 Yong Burris All 489
Kianya August 9th All Breed Show 8/9/2018 Abigail Cave All 454
Kianya July 23rd All Breed Show 2018 7/23/2018 Lewis Andersen All 684
Kianya July 13th All Breed Show 7/13/2018 Trevor Price All 1,366
Kianya July 5th All Breed Show 7/5/2018 Kevin Taylor All 380
Kianya May 28th All Breed Show 5/28/2018 Scott Jackson All 381
Kianya May 13th All Breed Show 5/13/2018 Refugio Andrews All 1,048
10th Of April For Malamutes 4/10/2018 Jimmy James Alaskan Malamute 41
Kianya April 9th All Breed Show 2018 4/9/2018 Stevie Davy All 898
April 5th Malamute Show 4/5/2018 Lois Lund Alaskan Malamute 18
Kianya March 14th All Breed Show 3/14/2018 Leif Law All 425
In Like A Lion Malamute Show 2018 3/2/2018 Ned Ford Alaskan Malamute 23
End Of February Malamute Show 2018 2/27/2018 Robert Conway Alaskan Malamute 24
Feb 25th Malamute Show 2/25/2018 Robert Conway Alaskan Malamute 24
Kianya Feb 20 Mal Show 2/20/2018 Misty Scott Alaskan Malamute 24
New Jersey Malamute Show 2/18/2018 Ned Ford Alaskan Malamute 24
Middle Of February Malamute Show 2/15/2018 Robert Conway Alaskan Malamute 35
Valentines Day Alaskan Malamute Show 2/14/2018 Jennifer Guerra Alaskan Malamute 24
Kianya February 4th All Breed Show 2/4/2018 Joseph Jones All 518
Inez Mal Show 1/25/2018 Colton Kunkle Alaskan Malamute 16
Kion 20 AlMal Show 1/20/2018 Alisa Fillmore Alaskan Malamute 28
Mid January Mal Show 1/15/2018 Donna Fox Alaskan Malamute 23
End Of December Malamute Show 12/30/2017 Jennifer Green Alaskan Malamute 22
Boxing Day Alaskan Malamute Show 12/26/2017 William Hernandez Alaskan Malamute 21
Christmas Day Malamute Show 12/25/2017 Kurt Harvin Alaskan Malamute 21
Christmas Eve Malamute Show 2017 12/24/2017 Mary Marshall Alaskan Malamute 21
My Birthday malamute Show 12/23/2017 Genevieve Cyr Alaskan Malamute 22
Holiday Sparkle Malamute Show 12/20/2017 Gerry Salazar Alaskan Malamute 19
December Malamute Classic 12/8/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 22
Winter Classic Malamute Show 12/5/2017 William Hernandez Alaskan Malamute 21
End Of November Malamute Show 11/29/2017 Chad Hill Alaskan Malamute 21
Flowers Birthday Malamute Show 11/27/2017 Chad Hill Alaskan Malamute 14
All Things Pretty Malamute Show 11/25/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 14
West Coast Malamute Show 11/24/2017 Bruce Diaz Alaskan Malamute 11
Every Little Thing Malamute Show 11/20/2017 Glen Bowers Alaskan Malamute 16
West Coast All Breed Show 11/18/2017 Anthony Lara All 340
Magic Malamute Show 11/17/2017 Joseph Jones Alaskan Malamute 14
Magic ES Show 11/17/2017 Bruce Diaz English Setter 21
Hogwarts Malamute Show 11/15/2017 Lorene Moore Alaskan Malamute 12
Remembrance Day Malamute Show 2017 11/11/2017 Charles Perez Alaskan Malamute 16
Harvest Moon Malamute Show 4 10/25/2017 Brandon Gagnon Alaskan Malamute 21
Harvest Moon Malamute Show 3 10/22/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 17
Harvest Moon Malamute Show 10/20/2017 Anthony Lara Alaskan Malamute 25
Anchorage Malamute Show 2 10/19/2017 Chad Hill Alaskan Malamute 17
Harvest Moon Malamute Show 2 10/18/2017 Jolene Ramsey Alaskan Malamute 21
Las Vegas Malamute Show 10/17/2017 Randal Harris Alaskan Malamute 17
Mid Autumn Malamute Show 10/15/2017 Andrew Nicholson Alaskan Malamute 25
Bright Lights Malamute Show 10/12/2017 Joseph Jones Alaskan Malamute 19
Oakland Malamute Show 10/10/2017 Oscar West Alaskan Malamute 20
Happy 6th Anniversary Malamute Show 10/8/2017 Randal Harris Alaskan Malamute 31
New England Collie Show 10/1/2017 Genevieve Cyr Collie 38
Delta Dawn Malamute Show 9/25/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 18
Memphis Malamute Show 9/22/2017 Randal Harris Alaskan Malamute 18
Oahu Malamute Show 9/20/2017 Martin Lee Alaskan Malamute 25
Dallas Malamute Show 9/18/2017 George Wilson Alaskan Malamute 25
Maui Malamute Show 9/17/2017 Oscar West Alaskan Malamute 25
Hawaiian Islands Malamute Show 9/15/2017 Chad Hill Alaskan Malamute 19
San Diego Malamute Show 9/14/2017 Genevieve Cyr Alaskan Malamute 16
Southern California Malamute Show 9/10/2017 Anthony Lara Alaskan Malamute 14
Alberta Malamute Show 9/7/2017 William Carr Alaskan Malamute 21
Alaska State Malamute Show 9/5/2017 Timothy Rodriguez Alaskan Malamute 13
Anchorage Malamute Show 9/2/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 15
End Of August Malamute Show 8/30/2017 Odilia Martin Alaskan Malamute 21
Happy 3rd Birthday Malamute Show 8/23/2017 Lorene Moore Alaskan Malamute 24
Vancouver Island Malamute Classic 8/20/2017 Scott Person Alaskan Malamute 28
SeaTac Malamute Show 8/18/2017 Jolene Ramsey Alaskan Malamute 15
Seattle Malamute Show 8/15/2017 Debbie Vaughn Alaskan Malamute 24
Puget Sound Malamute Show 8/12/2017 Scott Pham Alaskan Malamute 29
Edmonton Malamute Show 8/10/2017 Chad Hill Alaskan Malamute 17
Calgary Malamute Show 8/5/2017 Debbie Vaughn Alaskan Malamute 22
End Of July Malamute Show 7/30/2017 Scott Jackson Alaskan Malamute 30
Have Some Fun Malamute Show 3 7/27/2017 Glen Bowers Alaskan Malamute 36
Have Some Fun Malamute Show 2 7/25/2017 Glen Bowers Alaskan Malamute 40
July 24th Malamute Show 7/24/2017 Patricia Allen Alaskan Malamute 46
Summer Soiree Malamute Show 7/22/2017 Genevieve Cyr Alaskan Malamute 23
Nashville Malamute Show 7/20/2017 Wilfredo Feaster Alaskan Malamute 24
Have Some Fun Malamute Show 7/18/2017 Timothy Rodriguez Alaskan Malamute 22
Highway 65 Malamute Show 7/17/2017 Jeanene Brown Alaskan Malamute 46
Mid July Malamute Show 7/15/2017 Brandon Gagnon Alaskan Malamute 15
Summer Malamute Showdown 7/5/2017 William Carr Alaskan Malamute 22
Malamutes In July Show 7/4/2017 Scott Jackson Alaskan Malamute 14
July Malamute Show 7/2/2017 Mary Lewis Alaskan Malamute 21

Did you know?
In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements.