Shows Sponsored by Rossett Spaniels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Rossett Spaniels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Rossetts July 23rd All Breed Show 7/23/2018 Richard Mitchell All 3
Rossetts Ides Of July All 7/13/2018 Scott Pham All 115
Rossetts Canada Day WSS Specialty 7/1/2018 Shelley Roberts Welsh Springer Spaniel 16
Rossetts June 27 All Breed Show 6/27/2018 Refugio Andrews All 578
Rossetts June 15 All Breed Show 6/15/2018 Raymond Valdez All 523
Rossetts June 15 ACS Specialty 6/15/2018 Carlos Spann American Cocker Spaniel 25
Rossetts Six Four All Breed Show 6/4/2018 Maura Ryan All 834
Rossetts May 19 All Breed Show 5/19/2018 Refugio Andrews All 707
Rossetts Cinco De Mayo All Breed Show 5/5/2018 Robert Conway All 1,094
Rossetts Get Yr Majors Here All Breed Show 4/21/2018 Maura Ryan All 554
Rossetts March 5 All Breed Show 4/5/2018 Randal Harris All 1,128
Rossetts Bring Your Best All Breed Show 4 3/19/2018 Ned Ford All 412
Rossetts Bring Yr Best All Breed Show 3 3/9/2018 Gerry Salazar All 767
Rossetts Feb 25 All Breed Show 2/25/2018 Cristi Langley All 708
Rossetts Bring Your Best All Breed Show 2 2/10/2018 Randal Harris All 1,560
Groundhog Day WSS Specialty 2/2/2018 Martin Lee Welsh Springer Spaniel 17
Rossets Puttin On The Ritz WSS Specialty Show 1/28/2018 Maura Ryan Welsh Springer Spaniel 26
Rossetts Bring Your Best All Breed Show 1/16/2018 William Hernandez All 522
Rossetts Jan 3 All Breed Show 1/3/2018 Joseph Jones All 885
Rossetts Christmas Eve All Breed Show 12/24/2017 Debbie Vaughn All 539
Rossets Getter Pointed Show 12/12/2017 Bruce Diaz All 895
Rossetts Early December All Breed Show 12/3/2017 George Wilson All 1,079
Happy Dance All Breed Show 11/17/2017 Scott Pham All 636
Rossets Oct 6 All Breed Show 11/6/2017 Scott Jackson All 612
Rossetts Halloween Eve WSS Specialty 10/30/2017 Chad Hill Welsh Springer Spaniel 38
Rossetts Oct 16 All Breed Show 10/16/2017 Debbie Vaughn All 1,215
Rossetts Oct 8 All Breed Show 10/8/2017 Debbie Vaughn All 494
Rossetts Mid September All Breed Show 9/15/2017 Anthony Lara All 395
Rossett Ides of September WSS Specialty 9/15/2017 Leif Law Welsh Springer Spaniel 11
Rossetts Sept 1 All Breed Show 9/1/2017 Maura Ryan All 580
Rossetts All About Points 2 Specialty 8/29/2017 Genevieve Cyr Welsh Springer Spaniel 26
Rossetts August 20 WSS Specialty 8/20/2017 Jolene Ramsey Welsh Springer Spaniel 14
Rossett Mid Summer All Breed Show 8/18/2017 Randal Harris All 923
Mr Kister Has Retired Sussex Specialty 8/18/2017 Maria Hopkins Sussex Spaniel 37
Rossetts All About Points Specialty 8/15/2017 George Wilson Welsh Springer Spaniel 22
Rossett Birthday Bash All Breed Show 7/26/2017 Crystal Ramsey All 628
July 20 WSS Specialty Show 7/20/2017 Martin Lee Welsh Springer Spaniel 13
Rossetts All Breed Show 6/27/2017 Martin Lee All 539
June 15 WSS Specialty 6/15/2017 Albert Thomas Welsh Springer Spaniel 6
Rossett Second All Breed Show 6/4/2017 Patricia Allen All 558
Start The Month Off Right WSS Specialty 5/1/2017 Edward Fincher Welsh Springer Spaniel 5
Rossett April 13 Specialty 4/13/2017 Mary Lewis Welsh Springer Spaniel 19
Rossett April 12 Specialty 4/12/2017 Oscar West Welsh Springer Spaniel 16
Rossett April 11 Specialty 4/11/2017 Wilfredo Feaster Welsh Springer Spaniel 22
Rossett First All Breed Show 3/17/2017 William Hernandez All 490
Wanting a Spring Fling Cocker Specialty 3/7/2017 Deloris Carter American Cocker Spaniel 35
Get Yr Points Here Welsh Springer Specialty 2/21/2017 Anthony Lara Welsh Springer Spaniel 7
Rossett End of January Specialty 1/30/2017 William Hernandez Spinone Italiano 19
Rossett Ides Of January Spinone Specialty* 1/15/2017 Andrew Nicholson Spinone Italiano 17
First 12/30/2016 Tammy Cavanaugh Spinone Italiano 8
Rossett Cocker Specialty 6/7/2013 Kevin Garcia American Cocker Spaniel 25
First Sussex Specialty in 4 Years 12/12/2010 Kevin Taylor Sussex Spaniel 15
Welsh Full Moon Specialty 1/22/2008 Harrison Elias Welsh Springer Spaniel 23
Christmas Day Welshie Party 12/25/2007 Sam Moss Welsh Springer Spaniel 35
Now THIS is a Specialty 12/16/2006 Bryan Walston Sussex Spaniel 35
Flash Dancer Retirement Party 12/6/2006 Paul Caraway Welsh Springer Spaniel 34
Wing Ding for Flash Dancer 12/5/2006 Amanda Young Welsh Springer Spaniel 39
Rememberance Day Specialty 11/11/2006 Brian Oatman Welsh Springer Spaniel 54
Rossett Welsh Fling 6/22/2006 Travis Hunter Welsh Springer Spaniel 56
Rossett Ides of January Spinone Specialty 1/1/1900 Andrew Nicholson 0

Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing