Shows Sponsored by Striker

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Striker . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Strikers June 11th All Breed Show 6/11/2019 Frederica Katalin All 372
Strikers May 22nd All Breed Show 5/22/2019 Blake Hugh All 539
Strikers May 11th All Breed Show 5/11/2019 Alexis Sides All 352
Strikers May 2nd All Breed Show 5/2/2019 Stephen Long All 320
Strikers April 16th All Breed Show 4/16/2019 Sang Wolfson All 311
Strikers April 6th All Breed Show 4/6/2019 Scott Pham All 342
Strikers April 3rd All Breed Show 4/3/2019 Cristi Langley All 381
Strikers March 22nd All Breed Show 3/22/2019 Paul Taylor All 210
Strikers March 13th All Breed Show 3/13/2019 Jesus Russell All 315
Strikers March 8th All Breed Show 3/8/2019 Alan Magdaleno All 292
Strikers February 18th All Breed Show 2/18/2019 Carla Martinez All 575
Strikers February 17th All Breed Show 2/17/2019 Matthew Phillips All 1,157
Strikers February 11th All Breed Show 2/11/2019 Richard Wilson All 320
Strikers February 7th All Breed Show 2/7/2019 Susan Sherman All 434
Strikers January 28th All Breed Show 1/28/2019 Mark Wilson All 1,152
Strikers January 4th All Breed Show 1/4/2019 Blake Hugh All 370
Strikers January 3rd All Breed Show 1/3/2019 Dwight James All 515
Strikers December 13th All Breed Show 12/13/2018 Modesto Clem All 456
Strikers December 5th All Breed Show 12/5/2018 Stevie Davy All 1,455
Strikers December 3rd All Breed Show 2018 12/3/2018 Maria Mitchell All 367
Strikers December 2nd All Breed Show 12/2/2018 Doris Turner All 1,077
Strikers November 25th All Breed Show 11/25/2018 Steven Bolton All 363
Strikers November 24th All Breed Show 11/24/2018 Susan Sherman All 420
Strikers November 23rd All Breed Show 11/23/2018 Charles Stallings All 497
Strikers November 12th All Breed Show 11/12/2018 Paul Caraway All 518
Strikers November 5th All Breed Show 11/5/2018 Micah Day All 1,281
Strikers October 30th All Breed Show 10/30/2018 Gary Rivera All 643
Strikers October 15 All Breed Show 10/15/2018 Peggy Thomas All 496
Strikers October 10th All Breed Show 10/10/2018 Gerry Salazar All 1,323
Strikers September 28th All Breed Show 9/28/2018 Scott Pham All 346
Strikers September 19th All Breed Show 9/19/2018 Johnnie Robinson All 495
Strikers September 2nd All Breed Show 9/2/2018 Joseph Wilson All 436
Strikers August 28th All Breed Show 8/28/2018 Scott Pham All 506
Strikers August 2nd All Breed Show 8/2/2018 Willian Crutchfield All 699
Strikers July 23rd All Breed Show 7/23/2018 Jennifer Green All 563
Strikers July 12th All Breed Show 7/12/2018 Murray Ingersoll All 452
Strikers 4th Of July All Breed Show 7/4/2018 Mose Spurgeon All 573
Strikers June 13th All Breed Show 6/13/2018 Earl White All 451
Strikers June 11th All Breed Show 6/11/2018 Odilia Martin All 476
Striker June 5th All Breed Show 6/5/2018 Maria Hopkins All 609
Strikers May 25th All Breed Show 5/25/2018 Don Alaniz All 601
Strikers May 16th All Breed Show 5/16/2018 Debbie Vaughn All 413
Strikers May 8th All Breed Show 5/8/2018 Sandra Conway All 558
Strikers April 23rd All Breed Show 4/23/2018 Michael Craig All 402
Strikers April 8th All Breed Show 4/8/2018 Jimmy James All 450
Strikers March 29th All Breed Show 3/29/2018 Cristi Langley All 510
St.Patrick`s Day All Breed Show 3/17/2018 Scott Pham All 332
Strikers March 8th All Breed Show 3/8/2018 Ned Ford All 444
Strikers February 26th All Breed Show 2/26/2018 Randal Harris All 1,059
Strikers Valentines Day All Breed Show 2/14/2018 Joseph Jones All 476
Nashville ES Show 2/5/2018 Maura Ryan English Setter 28
YaYa Sheltie Show 1/26/2018 Odilia Martin Shetland Sheepdog 34
Inez Sheltie Show 1/25/2018 Gerry Salazar Shetland Sheepdog 49
Strikers January 17th All Breed Show 1/17/2018 Oscar West All 1,060
Striker 17 Sheltie Show 1/17/2018 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 50
End Of December Sheltie Show 12/30/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 73
Christmas Eve Collie Show 2017 12/24/2017 Cristi Langley Collie 35
My Birthday Collie Show 12/23/2017 Odilia Martin Collie 34
Almost Christmas Sheltie Show 12/20/2017 Maura Ryan Shetland Sheepdog 71
Into The Season Sheltie Show 12/12/2017 Oscar West Shetland Sheepdog 61
Winter Days Sheltie Show 12/6/2017 Maura Ryan Shetland Sheepdog 53
End Of November Sheltie Show 11/29/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 64
End Of November Collie Show 2017 11/29/2017 Maura Ryan Collie 47
November 22nd Sheltie Show 11/22/2017 Lorene Moore Shetland Sheepdog 70
Ravenclaw Sheltie Show 11/15/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 68
Hogwarts Collie Show 2 11/15/2017 Oscar West Collie 54
Snowed In Sheltie Show 11/9/2017 Scott Jackson Shetland Sheepdog 55
Snowed In ES Show 11/5/2017 Wilfredo Feaster English Setter 41
November 1st Sheltie Show 2017 11/1/2017 Michael Craig Shetland Sheepdog 52
November 1st Boxer Show 2017 11/1/2017 Wilfredo Feaster Boxer 53
Halloween Boxer Show 2017 10/30/2017 Randal Harris Boxer 56
Storm System Sheltie Show 10/17/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 70
Mid Autumn Boxer Show 10/15/2017 George Wilson Boxer 60
Happy 6th Anniversary ES Show 10/8/2017 Chad Hill English Setter 17
Lunar Sheltie Show 10/5/2017 Myron Carlo Shetland Sheepdog 80
Dynamite Collie Show 10/3/2017 Scott Pham Collie 53
Lauras Birthday Sheltie Show 10/2/2017 Jared Weiderhold Shetland Sheepdog 47
End Of September ES Show 9/29/2017 Genevieve Cyr English Setter 24
Dallas Sheltie Show 9/23/2017 William Hernandez English Setter 18
Colorado Snow Sheltie Show 9/22/2017 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 56
Foxglove ES Show 9/20/2017 Glen Bowers English Setter 16
Aspen Sheltie Show 2 9/20/2017 Sheldon Hansen Shetland Sheepdog 53
Pasadena ES Show 9/17/2017 Chad Hill English Setter 16
Kentucky ES Show 9/9/2017 Wilfredo Feaster English Setter 24
Vancouver Island Sheltie Fanciers 9/5/2017 Andrew Nicholson Shetland Sheepdog 47
Happy 3rd Birthday Sheltie Show 8/23/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 44
Cleveland Sheltie Show 8/22/2017 Martin Lee Shetland Sheepdog 44
Vancouver Island Sheltie Show 8/16/2017 Jeanene Brown Shetland Sheepdog 42
Georgia Sheltie Show 8/10/2017 Genevieve Cyr Shetland Sheepdog 38
July 26th Sheltie Show 7/26/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 43
Highway 65 Sheltie Show 7/18/2017 Jolene Ramsey Shetland Sheepdog 44
Summer Festival Sheltie Show 7/14/2017 Patricia Allen Shetland Sheepdog 44
Bet The Numbers Sheltie Show 7/9/2017 Randal Harris Shetland Sheepdog 48
Best Friends Sheltie Show 6/24/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 47
Canadian Summer Sheltie Show 2017 6/23/2017 Gloria Driscoll Shetland Sheepdog 44
Waterfalls Sheltie Show 6/21/2017 William Carr Shetland Sheepdog 45
11th Of June Sheltie Show 6/11/2017 Debbie Vaughn Shetland Sheepdog 37
Summer Sun Sheltie Show 6/3/2017 William Hernandez Shetland Sheepdog 33
Happy Birthday DG Sheltie Show 5/24/2017 Maria Hopkins Shetland Sheepdog 30
Playoff Sheltie Show 5/16/2017 Anthony Lara Shetland Sheepdog 36

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.