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This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on the amount of dogs each dog has beaten in shows during the month of July . 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed Dogs Beaten
1 CH Basset Hill Eloise Great Dane 1,634
2 GCH CH Suprim de la Rêverie Golden Retriever 1,393
3 GCH CH Oberhaus Brooklyn Newfoundland 1,376
4 CH Astoria The Right Choice German Wirehaired Pointer 1,344
5 GCH CH CirclingSky Raven Alaskan Malamute 1,341
6 CH Picardy Charles Borzoi 1,310
7 GCH CH Zenith de la Rêverie Golden Retriever 1,251
8 CH RBK Code Blue Jack Russell Terrier 1,213
9 GCH CH Basset Hill Bolero Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1,188
10 GCH CH SKL Shameless Alaskan Malamute 1,160
11 CH Look To The Western Skies Irish Wolfhound 1,153
12 GCH CH Arons Dance Craze Borzoi 1,100
13 GCH CH Wildhunts Temperature Rising Rhodesian Ridgeback 1,064
14 May 2015 International ChampionMorpurgo Moon Pilot Gordon Setter 1,062
15 GCH CH Elys Captain Of The Guard Great Dane 1,046
16 GCH CH Elys Song Of The Stars Great Dane 939
17 GCH CH Sweetbrier Red Jack Australian Shepherd 909
18 GCH CH Brocks Crystal Ball Golden Retriever 899
19 GCH CH GoldRivers Joy To The World Golden Retriever 897
20 CH Hazygate New Man In Town Pomeranian 861
21 CH Souwesta Timber German Shorthaired Pointer 815
22 CH Kangaroo History Pin Australian Shepherd 799
23 GCH CH SKYY Worth Melting For Borzoi 787
24 GCH CH Tarot Butterfly Theory Afghan Hound 778
25 GCH CH W.S. Habeas Corpus Borzoi 753
26 CH KDE Dead Mans Hand Australian Shepherd 749
27 GCH CH Tavin Crazy Storm Borzoi 740
28 CH Maeleachlainn of Pendragon Belgian Tervuren 674
29 CH KiSt Cosmopolitan Great Dane 657
30 GCH CH KDE Royal Flush Australian Shepherd 621
31 CH Tavin Unstoppable Explosion Borzoi 617
32 GCH CH Icekist Game Of Thrones German Shorthaired Pointer 615
33 CH Pearl City Solanum Tuberosum Australian Shepherd 613
34 CH Sandchape Son Of A Gun Pomeranian 596
35 GCH CH Kianya Tempting Fate Alaskan Malamute 565
36 GCH CH Sarangrave A Star Is Born Standard Poodle 557
37 CH Tarot Rasputin Afghan Hound 555
38 GCH CH Alibi Jazz It Up Collie 551
39 NLS Happy Place Siberian Husky 543
40 GCH CH Eagerestate Winner Winner Australian Terrier 528
41 GCH CH SU Lock N Load Great Dane 467
42 GCH CH AH The Cake Is A Lie Siberian Husky 454
43 GCH CH Wicken Skye Irish Setter 450
44 CH Kissangel German Shepherd Dog 450
45 Festives Fighter American Staffordshire Terrier 447
46 GCH CH Agamede Luke Siberian Husky 436
47 GCH CH Basset Hill Blimey Mate Australian Terrier 426
48 Sumacs Katamari Redbone Coonhound 414
49 GCH CH Elys Archduke Maximilian Great Dane 392
50 CH Summerwind Strawberry Wine Boxer 389
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
The second obedience title is a CDX, or "Companion Dog Excellent", which is earned through competition in the Open obedience class.
Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing