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This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on the amount of dogs each dog has beaten in shows during the month of January . 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed Dogs Beaten
1 GCH CH Agamede Casper Siberian Husky 5,156
2 GCH CH Danger Zones Event Horizon German Shepherd Dog 4,749
3 GCH CH Picardy Mountain Heart Borzoi 4,659
4 GCH CH Kalyndas Hope Diamond Standard Poodle 4,386
5 GCH CH Rough Edges Cry Like A Baby Siberian Husky 3,597
6 GCH CH Glitter Gibli Sealyham Terrier 3,503
7 GCH CH Traiag Fairground Pomeranian 3,371
8 GCH CH Tireachan Second Coming Irish Wolfhound 3,098
9 GCH CH Studios One New Look Rhodesian Ridgeback 2,819
10 GCH CH NC Shining Like the Irish Sun Irish Terrier 2,691
11 GCH CH GoldRivers It Is Show Time Golden Retriever 2,563
12 GCH CH Kissangels Dark Horizan German Shepherd Dog 2,466
13 GCH CH Apison Patchwork Wire Fox Terrier 2,442
14 GCH CH DenKees To Catch a King Keeshond 2,422
15 GCH CH Nachthunde Bazaar Afghan Hound 2,385
16 GCH CH HWK Jazzy Fox Alaskan Malamute 2,325
17 GCH CH LostHill Traveler Redbone Coonhound 2,321
18 CH Baileys Lonely City English Springer Spaniel 2,261
19 CH Nearco Rising Courage***** Norwegian Buhund 2,224
20 GCH CH Marquetry Amarule Boxer 2,204
21 GCH CH Baymill Glitter In The Air Airedale Terrier 2,164
22 GCH CH Triomphe North by Northwest Standard Poodle 2,151
23 CH DenKees Irish Earl Keeshond 2,110
24 GCH CH Druids Eadbhard Belgian Tervuren 2,103
25 CH CVs Great Balls Of Fire Golden Retriever 2,085
26 GCH CH Rough Edges Head Over Heels Siberian Husky 2,000
27 GCH CH Guisachan Show Me the Island Golden Retriever 1,943
28 GCH CH Revival Never Ending Love German Shepherd Dog 1,899
29 CH Arons Sorceror`s Apprentice Borzoi 1,890
30 CH Studios Perfect to Rise a Look Rhodesian Ridgeback 1,828
31 CH Studios One Crazy Perfect Time Rhodesian Ridgeback 1,719
32 GCH CH Smatters Dancing On Air Dalmatian 1,719
33 CH Kissangels All Is Possible German Shepherd Dog 1,699
34 GCH CH Triomphe Lost in Charleston Standard Poodle 1,698
35 GCH CH Nachthunde Aeon Border Collie 1,683
36 CH GoldRivers Pop The Cork Golden Retriever 1,656
37 GCH CH Valley Oaks Touch of Blue Australian Shepherd 1,652
38 GCH CH Lowchie Venus Mudpie Brussels Griffon 1,600
39 GCH CH Kissangels Happy Endings German Shepherd Dog 1,571
40 GCH CH Kissangels You and Me German Shepherd Dog 1,494
41 GCH CH DKs Joshua Bernese Mountain Dog 1,479
42 GCH CH Sarah*s Bulls Eye Kerry Blue Terrier 1,471
43 GCH CH Smatters Flight Path Dalmatian 1,465
44 GCH CH Dondaig Dorito Gordon Setter 1,461
45 GCH CH Mack Got Zoomies Papillon 1,458
46 GCH CH BlaiddDrwg Sweet And Simple Caucasian Mountain Dog 1,445
47 CH GoldRivers Island King Golden Retriever 1,426
48 CH Khabbs Axle Siberian Husky 1,415
49 GCH CH Flapjacks Goodnight Moon Irish Wolfhound 1,400
50 GCH CH Smatters Twisting Storm Dalmatian 1,374
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.