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This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on the amount of dogs each dog has beaten in shows during the month of April . 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed Dogs Beaten
1 GCH CH Picardy Darius Borzoi 10,365
2 GCH CH Solimar Sudden Sensation Irish Wolfhound 8,792
3 GCH CH Halcyon Years and Years Bernese Mountain Dog 8,595
4 GCH CH Sweet Echo Around Oberhaus Newfoundland 7,840
5 GCH CH Solimar A Single Man Irish Wolfhound 7,497
6 GCH CH Tarren Candyfloss Pomeranian 7,379
7 GCH CH GoldRivers Thats How U Do It Golden Retriever 7,061
8 GCH CH Moira Got Zoomies Caucasian Mountain Dog 6,365
9 GCH CH Tarot Shots Across the Border Afghan Hound 6,088
10 GCH CH Glitter Churada Sealyham Terrier 5,676
11 GCH CH GoldenBs Finish Line Golden Retriever 5,417
12 GCH CH MHs Aristotle Jack Russell Terrier 5,356
13 GCH CH Aztecs Midnight Avenger Siberian Husky 4,711
14 GCH CH Kissangels Unplugged German Shepherd Dog 4,638
15 GCH CH Smatters Jet Stream Dalmatian 4,421
16 GCH CH UDSU Daydream Believer Great Dane 3,944
17 GCH CH Smatters Ten Spot Dalmatian 3,821
18 GCH CH Tundras Cheesecake Tibetan Terrier 3,765
19 GCH CH Kissangels Perfect Six German Shepherd Dog 3,763
20 GCH CH Druids Rioghnan Belgian Tervuren 3,644
21 GCH CH Beach Dunes Hard Carry Standard Poodle 3,490
22 GCH CH Triomphe Tiramisu Standard Poodle 3,397
23 GCH CH Halcyon Brass Jack Russell Terrier 3,360
24 GCH CH Kissangels Ransom German Shepherd Dog 3,354
25 GCH CH MHs Arabella Jack Russell Terrier 3,271
26 GCH CH GoldenBs Island Speed Golden Retriever 3,264
27 GCH CH Lisra His Royal Highness Shiba Inu 3,216
28 CH Upatsix Jota Irish Red and White Setter 3,118
29 GCH CH Arienas Ned Kelly German Shorthaired Pointer 3,019
30 GCH CH HNC Up For Grabs Great Dane 2,965
31 GCH CH SU Hot Pursuit Great Dane 2,949
32 GCH CH Guisachan Silent Movie Golden Retriever 2,928
33 CH Kohl Wake From The Chaos Borzoi 2,927
34 GCH CH DenKees To Catch a King Keeshond 2,725
35 GCH CH Studios Time to Change a Story Rhodesian Ridgeback 2,640
36 GCH CH Deltyra Pahala Toy Fox Terrier 2,624
37 GCH CH Kilhey Kinda Shrove Sealyham Terrier 2,585
38 GCH CH GoldenBs Palm Tree Sway Golden Retriever 2,539
39 GCH CH Kissangels Just Rightly So German Shepherd Dog 2,502
40 GCH CH GLXYs Aqualung Great Dane 2,468
41 GCH CH Kissangels wives German Shepherd Dog 2,442
42 GCH CH HWK Say Cheese Alaskan Malamute 2,423
43 GCH CH Arkays Dazed and Confused Irish Terrier 2,419
44 GCH CH Agamede Achilles Siberian Husky 2,355
45 GCH CH Triomphe Coffee Blues Standard Poodle 2,354
46 GCH CH Hazygate Warning Warning Pomeranian 2,326
47 GCH CH Guisachan Staten Island Golden Retriever 2,251
48 GCH CH Tarot Beyond the Shadows Afghan Hound 2,218
49 CH El D Brave New World***** German Shepherd Dog 2,158
50 GCH CH Fingerprint Ten Gs Dalmatian 2,147
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.