Afghan Hound Colors

Color Examples

Silver Brindle

Red Brindle

Blue with Black Mask

Cream with Black Mask

Black & Silver

Blue Brindle


Cream Brindle

Red Domino

Red Brindle Domino


Blue Domino

Cream Brindle Domino


Black & Tan

Silver with Black Mask

Blue & Cream

Cream Domino

Blue Brindle Domino



Black & Brindle


Red with Black Mask

Color Genes

Color ACDE
Black AACCDDEbrEbr
Black AACCDDeEbr
Black AACCDDemem
Black AACCDdEbrEbr
Black AACCDdEbrEm
Black AACCDdEe
Black AACCDdEEbr
Black AACCDdeEbr
Black AACCDdEem
Black AACCDdeEm
Black AACCDdemem
Black AACCchDDEbrEbr
Black AACCchDDEbrEm
Black AACCchDDEe
Black AACCchDDEEbr
Black AACCchDDeEbr
Black AACCchDDEem
Black AACCchDDeEm
Black AACCchDDemem
Black AACCchDdEbrEbr
Black AACCchDdEbrEm
Black AACCchDdEE
Black AACCchDdEe
Black AACCchDdEEbr
Black AACCchDdeEbr
Black AACCchDdEem
Black AACCchDdeEm
Black AACCchDdemem
Black AACchCchDDEbrEbr
Black AACchCchDDEbrEm
Black AACchCchDDEE
Black AACchCchDDEe
Black AACchCchDDEEbr
Black AACchCchDDeEbr
Black AACchCchDDEem
Black AACchCchDDeEm
Black AACchCchDDemem
Black AACchCchDdEbrEbr
Black AACchCchDdEbrEm
Black AACchCchDdEE
Black AACchCchDdEe
Black AACchCchDdEEbr
Black AACchCchDdeEbr
Black AACchCchDdEem
Black AACchCchDdeEm
Black AACchCchDdemem
Black AAtCCDDEbrEbr
Black AAtCCDDEbrEm
Black AAtCCDDeEbr
Black AAtCCDDEem
Black AAtCCDDeEm
Black AAtCCDDemem
Black AAtCCDdEbrEbr
Black AAtCCDdEbrEm
Black AAtCCDdEe
Black AAtCCDdEEbr
Black AAtCCDdeEbr
Black AAtCCDdEem
Black AAtCCDdeEm
Black AAtCCDdemem
Black AAtCCchDDEbrEbr
Black AAtCCchDDEbrEm
Black AAtCCchDDEe
Black AAtCCchDDEEbr
Black AAtCCchDDeEbr
Black AAtCCchDDEem
Black AAtCCchDDeEm
Black AAtCCchDDemem
Black AAtCCchDdEbrEbr
Black AAtCCchDdEbrEm
Black AAtCCchDdEE
Black AAtCCchDdEe
Black AAtCCchDdEEbr
Black AAtCCchDdeEbr
Black AAtCCchDdEem
Black AAtCCchDdeEm
Black AAtCCchDdemem
Black AAtCchCchDDEbrEbr
Black AAtCchCchDDEbrEm
Black AAtCchCchDDEE
Black AAtCchCchDDEe
Black AAtCchCchDDEEbr
Black AAtCchCchDDeEbr
Black AAtCchCchDDEem
Black AAtCchCchDDeEm
Black AAtCchCchDDemem
Black AAtCchCchDdEbrEbr
Black AAtCchCchDdEbrEm
Black AAtCchCchDdEE
Black AAtCchCchDdEe
Black AAtCchCchDdEEbr
Black AAtCchCchDdeEbr
Black AAtCchCchDdEem
Black AAtCchCchDdeEm
Black AAtCchCchDdemem
Black AAyCCDDEbrEbr
Black AAyCCDDEbrEm
Black AAyCCDDeEbr
Black AAyCCDDEem
Black AAyCCDDeEm
Black AAyCCDDemem
Black AAyCCDdEbrEbr
Black AAyCCDdEbrEm
Black AAyCCDdEe
Black AAyCCDdEEbr
Black AAyCCDdeEbr
Black AAyCCDdEem
Black AAyCCDdeEm
Black AAyCCDdemem
Black AAyCCchDDEbrEbr
Black AAyCCchDDEbrEm
Black AAyCCchDDEe
Black AAyCCchDDEEbr
Black AAyCCchDDeEbr
Black AAyCCchDDEem
Black AAyCCchDDeEm
Black AAyCCchDDemem
Black AAyCCchDdEbrEbr
Black AAyCCchDdEbrEm
Black AAyCCchDdEE
Black AAyCCchDdEe
Black AAyCCchDdEEbr
Black AAyCCchDdeEbr
Black AAyCCchDdEem
Black AAyCCchDdeEm
Black AAyCCchDdemem
Black AAyCchCchDDEbrEbr
Black AAyCchCchDDEbrEm
Black AAyCchCchDDEE
Black AAyCchCchDDEe
Black AAyCchCchDDEEbr
Black AAyCchCchDDeEbr
Black AAyCchCchDDEem
Black AAyCchCchDDeEm
Black AAyCchCchDDemem
Black AAyCchCchDdEbrEbr
Black AAyCchCchDdEbrEm
Black AAyCchCchDdEE
Black AAyCchCchDdEe
Black AAyCchCchDdEEbr
Black AAyCchCchDdeEbr
Black AAyCchCchDdEem
Black AAyCchCchDdeEm
Black AAyCchCchDdemem
Black & Brindle AtAtCCDDEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCDDeEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCDdEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCDdeEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCchDDEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCchDDeEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCchDdEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCCchDdeEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCchCchDDEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCchCchDDeEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCchCchDdEbrEbr
Black & Brindle AtAtCchCchDdeEbr
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDEbrEm
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDEE
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDEe
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDEEbr
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDEem
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDeEm
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDDemem
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdEbrEm
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdEE
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdEe
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdEEbr
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdEem
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdeEm
Black & Silver AtAtCchCchDdemem
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDEbrEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDEE
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDEe
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDEEbr
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDEem
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDeEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCDDemem
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdEbrEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdEE
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdEe
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdEEbr
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdEem
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdeEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCDdemem
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDEbrEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDEE
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDEe
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDEEbr
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDEem
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDeEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDDemem
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdEbrEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdEE
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdEe
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdEEbr
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdEem
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdeEm
Black & Tan AtAtCCchDdemem
Blue AACCddEe
Blue AACCddEEbr
Blue AACCchddEE
Blue AACCchddEe
Blue AACCchddEEbr
Blue AACchCchddEE
Blue AACchCchddEe
Blue AACchCchddEEbr
Blue AAtCCddEE
Blue AAtCCddEe
Blue AAtCCddEEbr
Blue AAtCCchddEE
Blue AAtCCchddEe
Blue AAtCCchddEEbr
Blue AAtCchCchddEE
Blue AAtCchCchddEe
Blue AAtCchCchddEEbr
Blue AAyCCddEE
Blue AAyCCddEe
Blue AAyCCddEEbr
Blue AAyCCchddEE
Blue AAyCCchddEe
Blue AAyCCchddEEbr
Blue AAyCchCchddEE
Blue AAyCchCchddEe
Blue AAyCchCchddEEbr
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddEbrEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddEE
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddEe
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddEEbr
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddEem
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddeEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCCddemem
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddEbrEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddEE
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddEe
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddEEbr
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddEem
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddeEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCCchddemem
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddEbrEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddEE
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddEe
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddEEbr
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddEem
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddeEm
Blue & Cream AtAtCchCchddemem
Blue Brindle AACCddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AACCddeEbr
Blue Brindle AACCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AACCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle AACchCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AACchCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCCddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCCddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCchCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAtCchCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCCddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCCddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCchCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle AAyCchCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCCddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCCddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCchCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAtCchCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCCddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCCddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCCchddeEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchddEbrEbr
Blue Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchddeEbr
Blue Domino AtAyCCddEbrEm
Blue Domino AtAyCCddEE
Blue Domino AtAyCCddEe
Blue Domino AtAyCCddEEbr
Blue Domino AtAyCCddEem
Blue Domino AtAyCCddeEm
Blue Domino AtAyCCddemem
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddEbrEm
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddEE
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddEe
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddEEbr
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddEem
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddeEm
Blue Domino AtAyCCchddemem
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddEbrEm
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddEE
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddEe
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddEEbr
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddEem
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddeEm
Blue Domino AtAyCchCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AACCddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AACCddEem
Blue with Black Mask AACCddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AACCddemem
Blue with Black Mask AACCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AACCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AACCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AACCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AACchCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AACchCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AACchCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AACchCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCchCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCchCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAtCchCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAtCchCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCCchddemem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCchCchddEbrEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCchCchddEem
Blue with Black Mask AAyCchCchddeEm
Blue with Black Mask AAyCchCchddemem
Cream AACCddee
Cream AACCchddee
Cream AACchCchDDee
Cream AACchCchDdee
Cream AACchCchddee
Cream AAtCCddee
Cream AAtCCchddee
Cream AAtCchCchDDee
Cream AAtCchCchDdee
Cream AAtCchCchddee
Cream AAyCCddee
Cream AAyCCchddee
Cream AAyCchCchDDee
Cream AAyCchCchDdee
Cream AAyCchCchddee
Cream AtAtCCddee
Cream AtAtCCchddee
Cream AtAtCchCchDDee
Cream AtAtCchCchDdee
Cream AtAtCchCchddee
Cream AtAyCCddee
Cream AtAyCCchddee
Cream AtAyCchCchDDee
Cream AtAyCchCchDdee
Cream AtAyCchCchddee
Cream AyAyCchCchDDEE
Cream AyAyCchCchDDEe
Cream AyAyCchCchDDEEbr
Cream AyAyCchCchDdEE
Cream AyAyCchCchDdEe
Cream AyAyCchCchDdEEbr
Cream Brindle AyAyCchCchDDEbrEbr
Cream Brindle AyAyCchCchDDeEbr
Cream Brindle AyAyCchCchDdEbrEbr
Cream Brindle AyAyCchCchDdeEbr
Cream Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchDDEbrEbr
Cream Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchDDeEbr
Cream Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchDdEbrEbr
Cream Brindle Domino AtAyCchCchDdeEbr
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDEbrEm
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDEE
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDEe
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDEEbr
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDEem
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDeEm
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDDemem
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdEbrEm
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdEE
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdEe
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdEEbr
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdEem
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdeEm
Cream Domino AtAyCchCchDdemem
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDDEbrEm
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDDEem
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDDeEm
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDDemem
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDdEbrEm
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDdEem
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDdeEm
Cream with Black Mask AyAyCchCchDdemem
Red AACCDdee
Red AACCchDDee
Red AACCchDdee
Red AAtCCDdee
Red AAtCCchDDee
Red AAtCCchDdee
Red AAyCCDdee
Red AAyCCchDDee
Red AAyCCchDdee
Red AtAtCCDDee
Red AtAtCCDdee
Red AtAtCCchDDee
Red AtAtCCchDdee
Red AtAyCCDDee
Red AtAyCCDdee
Red AtAyCCchDDee
Red AtAyCCchDdee
Red AyAyCCDDee
Red AyAyCCDdEe
Red AyAyCCDdee
Red AyAyCCDdEEbr
Red AyAyCCchDDEe
Red AyAyCCchDDee
Red AyAyCCchDDEEbr
Red AyAyCCchDdEE
Red AyAyCCchDdEe
Red AyAyCCchDdee
Red AyAyCCchDdEEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCDDEbrEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCDDeEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCDdEbrEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCDdeEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCchDDEbrEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCchDDeEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCchDdEbrEbr
Red Brindle AyAyCCchDdeEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCDDEbrEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCDDeEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCDdEbrEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCDdeEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCchDDEbrEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCchDDeEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCchDdEbrEbr
Red Brindle Domino AtAyCCchDdeEbr
Red Domino AtAyCCDDEbrEm
Red Domino AtAyCCDDEE
Red Domino AtAyCCDDEe
Red Domino AtAyCCDDEEbr
Red Domino AtAyCCDDEem
Red Domino AtAyCCDDeEm
Red Domino AtAyCCDDemem
Red Domino AtAyCCDdEbrEm
Red Domino AtAyCCDdEE
Red Domino AtAyCCDdEe
Red Domino AtAyCCDdEEbr
Red Domino AtAyCCDdEem
Red Domino AtAyCCDdeEm
Red Domino AtAyCCDdemem
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDEbrEm
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDEE
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDEe
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDEEbr
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDEem
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDeEm
Red Domino AtAyCCchDDemem
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdEbrEm
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdEE
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdEe
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdEEbr
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdEem
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdeEm
Red Domino AtAyCCchDdemem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDDEbrEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDDEem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDDeEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDDemem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDdEbrEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDdEem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDdeEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCDdemem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDDEbrEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDDEem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDDeEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDDemem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDdEbrEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDdEem
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDdeEm
Red with Black Mask AyAyCCchDdemem
Silver AyAyCCddEE
Silver AyAyCCddEe
Silver AyAyCCddee
Silver AyAyCCddEEbr
Silver AyAyCCchddEE
Silver AyAyCCchddEe
Silver AyAyCCchddee
Silver AyAyCCchddEEbr
Silver AyAyCchCchddEE
Silver AyAyCchCchddEe
Silver AyAyCchCchddee
Silver AyAyCchCchddEEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCCddEbrEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCCddeEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCCchddEbrEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCCchddeEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCchCchddEbrEbr
Silver Brindle AyAyCchCchddeEbr
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCddEbrEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCddEem
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCddeEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCddemem
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCchddEbrEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCchddEem
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCchddeEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCCchddemem
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCchCchddEbrEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCchCchddEem
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCchCchddeEm
Silver with Black Mask AyAyCchCchddemem
White AyAyCchCchDDee
White AyAyCchCchDdee

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.