Caucasian Mountain Dog Colors

Color Examples


Brindle Masked

Brindle Pied


Grey Pied

Grey Sable

Grey Sable Masked

Grey Sable Pied

Grey Sable Pied Masked

Irish Brindle

Irish Brindle Masked

Irish Grey

Irish Grey Sable Masked

Irish Red

Irish Red Sable

Irish Red Sable Masked

Pied Brindle Masked


Red Pied

Red Sable

Red Sable Masked

Red Sable Pied

Red Sable Pied Masked


Irish Grey Sable

Color Genes

Color ACES
Brindle AwAwCCEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAwCCEEbrSS
Brindle AwAwCCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAwCCeEEbrSS
Brindle AwAwCeCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAwCeCeEEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCCEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCCEEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCCeEEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCeCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AwAyCeCeEEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCCEbrEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCCEEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCCeEEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCeCeEbrEbrSS
Brindle AyAyCeCeEEbrSS
Brindle Masked AwAwCCEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AwAwCCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AwAwCeCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AwAyCCEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AwAyCCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AwAyCeCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AyAyCCEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AyAyCCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Masked AyAyCeCeEbrEmSS
Brindle Pied AwAwCCEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAwCCEEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAwCCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAwCCeEEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAwCeCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAwCeCeEEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCCEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCCEEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCCeEEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCeCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AwAyCeCeEEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCCEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCCEEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCCeEEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCeCeEbrEbrss
Brindle Pied AyAyCeCeEEbrss
Grey AwAwCCeeSS
Grey AwAwCCeeeSS
Grey Pied AwAwCCeess
Grey Pied AwAwCCeeess
Grey Sable AwAwCCEESS
Grey Sable AwAwCCEeSS
Grey Sable AwAwCCeEbrSS
Grey Sable AwAwCCeEESS
Grey Sable AwAwCCeEeSS
Grey Sable AwAwCCeeEbrSS
Grey Sable AwAwCeCeEESS
Grey Sable AwAwCeCeEeSS
Grey Sable AwAwCeCeeEbrSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCEemSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeEmSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeEmss
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCememSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeEemSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeeEmSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeeEmss
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeememSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeEemSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeeEmSS
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeeEmss
Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeememSS
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCEEss
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCEess
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCeEbrss
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCeEEss
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCeEess
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCCeeEbrss
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCeCeEEss
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCeCeEess
Grey Sable Pied AwAwCeCeeEbrss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCCEemss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCCememss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCCeEemss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCCeememss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCeCeEemss
Grey Sable Pied Masked AwAwCeCeememss
Irish Brindle AwAwCCEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAwCCEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAwCCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAwCCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAwCeCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAwCeCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCCEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCCEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCeCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AwAyCeCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCCEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCCEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCeCeEbrEbrSs
Irish Brindle AyAyCeCeEEbrSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAwCCEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAwCCeEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAwCeCeEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAyCCEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAyCCeEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AwAyCeCeEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AyAyCCEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AyAyCCeEbrEmSs
Irish Brindle Masked AyAyCeCeEbrEmSs
Irish Grey AwAwCCeeSs
Irish Grey AwAwCCeeeSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCEESs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCEeSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCeEbrSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCeEESs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCeEeSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCCeeEbrSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCeCeEESs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCeCeEeSs
Irish Grey Sable AwAwCeCeeEbrSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCEemSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeEmSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCememSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeEemSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeeEmSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCCeememSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeEemSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeeEmSs
Irish Grey Sable Masked AwAwCeCeememSs
Irish Red AwAyCCeeSs
Irish Red AwAyCCeeeSs
Irish Red AyAyCCeeSs
Irish Red AyAyCCeeeSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCEESs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCEeSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCeEESs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCeEeSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCCeeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCeCeEESs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCeCeEeSs
Irish Red Sable AwAyCeCeeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCEESs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCEeSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCeEESs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCeEeSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCCeeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCeCeEESs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCeCeEeSs
Irish Red Sable AyAyCeCeeEbrSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCememSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeememSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeememSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCememSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeememSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeEemSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeeEmSs
Irish Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeememSs
Pied Brindle Masked AwAwCCEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AwAwCCeEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AwAwCeCeEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AwAyCCEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AwAyCCeEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AwAyCeCeEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AyAyCCEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AyAyCCeEbrEmss
Pied Brindle Masked AyAyCeCeEbrEmss
Red AwAyCCeeSS
Red AwAyCCeeeSS
Red AyAyCCeeSS
Red AyAyCCeeeSS
Red Pied AwAyCCeess
Red Pied AwAyCCeeess
Red Pied AyAyCCeess
Red Pied AyAyCCeeess
Red Sable AwAyCCEESS
Red Sable AwAyCCEeSS
Red Sable AwAyCCeEbrSS
Red Sable AwAyCCeEESS
Red Sable AwAyCCeEeSS
Red Sable AwAyCCeeEbrSS
Red Sable AwAyCeCeEESS
Red Sable AwAyCeCeEeSS
Red Sable AwAyCeCeeEbrSS
Red Sable AyAyCCEESS
Red Sable AyAyCCEeSS
Red Sable AyAyCCeEbrSS
Red Sable AyAyCCeEESS
Red Sable AyAyCCeEeSS
Red Sable AyAyCCeeEbrSS
Red Sable AyAyCeCeEESS
Red Sable AyAyCeCeEeSS
Red Sable AyAyCeCeeEbrSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCEemSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCememSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeEemSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCCeememSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeEemSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AwAyCeCeememSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCEemSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCememSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeEemSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCCeememSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeEemSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeeEmSS
Red Sable Masked AyAyCeCeememSS
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCEEss
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCEess
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCeEbrss
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCeEEss
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCeEess
Red Sable Pied AwAyCCeeEbrss
Red Sable Pied AwAyCeCeEEss
Red Sable Pied AwAyCeCeEess
Red Sable Pied AwAyCeCeeEbrss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCEEss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCEess
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCeEbrss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCeEEss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCeEess
Red Sable Pied AyAyCCeeEbrss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCeCeEEss
Red Sable Pied AyAyCeCeEess
Red Sable Pied AyAyCeCeeEbrss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCememss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCeEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCeeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCCeememss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCeCeEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCeCeeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AwAyCeCeememss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCememss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCeEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCeeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCCeememss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCeCeEemss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCeCeeEmss
Red Sable Pied Masked AyAyCeCeememss
White AwAwCeCeeeSS
White AwAwCeCeeeSs
White AwAwCeCeeess
White AwAyCeCeeeSS
White AwAyCeCeeeSs
White AwAyCeCeeess
White AyAyCeCeeeSS
White AyAyCeCeeeSs
White AyAyCeCeeess

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.