Pharaoh Hound Colors

Color Examples

Chestnut Solid

Chestnut White Markings

Rich Tan White Markings

Red Golden Solid

Red Golden White Markings

Tan Solid

Tan White Markings

Rich Tan Solid

Color Genes

Color BES
Chestnut Solid BBEESS
Chestnut Solid BBEESSi
Chestnut Solid BbEESS
Chestnut Solid BbEESSi
Chestnut White Markings BBEESiSi
Chestnut White Markings BbEESiSi
Red Golden Solid BBeeSS
Red Golden Solid BBeeSSi
Red Golden Solid BbeeSS
Red Golden Solid BbeeSSi
Red Golden White Markings BBeeSiSi
Red Golden White Markings BbeeSiSi
Rich Tan Solid BBEeSS
Rich Tan Solid BBEeSSi
Rich Tan Solid BbEeSS
Rich Tan Solid BbEeSSi
Rich Tan White Markings BBEeSiSi
Rich Tan White Markings BbEeSiSi
Tan Solid bbEESS
Tan Solid bbEESSi
Tan Solid bbEeSS
Tan Solid bbEeSSi
Tan Solid bbeeSS
Tan Solid bbeeSSi
Tan White Markings bbEESiSi
Tan White Markings bbEeSiSi
Tan White Markings bbeeSiSi

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.