Shetland Sheepdog Colors

Color Examples

Blue Merle Headed White

Double Merle


Sable Headed White

Sable Merle

Sable Merle Headed White

Tri-Color Headed White




Bi-Blue Headed White

Black Headed White

Blue Merle

Color Genes

Color AS
Bi-Black AASiSi
Bi-Black AASiSp
Bi-Blue AASiSi
Bi-Blue AASiSp
Bi-Blue Headed White AASpSp
Black Headed White AASpSp
Blue Merle AAtSiSi
Blue Merle AAtSiSp
Blue Merle AtAtSiSi
Blue Merle AtAtSiSp
Blue Merle Headed White AAtSpSp
Blue Merle Headed White AtAtSpSp
Double Merle AASiSi
Double Merle AASiSp
Double Merle AASpSp
Double Merle AAtSiSi
Double Merle AAtSiSp
Double Merle AAtSpSp
Double Merle AAySiSi
Double Merle AAySiSp
Double Merle AAySpSp
Double Merle AtAtSiSi
Double Merle AtAtSiSp
Double Merle AtAtSpSp
Double Merle AtAySiSi
Double Merle AtAySiSp
Double Merle AtAySpSp
Double Merle AyAySiSi
Double Merle AyAySiSp
Double Merle AyAySpSp
Sable AAySiSi
Sable AAySiSp
Sable AtAySiSi
Sable AtAySiSp
Sable AyAySiSi
Sable AyAySiSp
Sable Headed White AAySpSp
Sable Headed White AtAySpSp
Sable Headed White AyAySpSp
Sable Merle AAySiSi
Sable Merle AAySiSp
Sable Merle AtAySiSi
Sable Merle AtAySiSp
Sable Merle AyAySiSi
Sable Merle AyAySiSp
Sable Merle Headed White AAySpSp
Sable Merle Headed White AtAySpSp
Sable Merle Headed White AyAySpSp
Tri-Color Headed White AAtSpSp
Tri-Color Headed White AtAtSpSp
Tricolor AAtSiSi
Tricolor AAtSiSp
Tricolor AtAtSiSi
Tricolor AtAtSiSp

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.