Tibetan Terrier Colors

Color Examples


Brindle and White


Gold and White

Golden Brindle


Sable and White


White and Black

White and Gold


Black and Gold

Black and White

Black White and Gold

Color Genes

Color ACKS
Black AACCchKkSS
Black AACCchKkSSp
Black AACCchKkSSw
Black AACCchKKbrSS
Black AACCchKKbrSSp
Black AACCchKKbrSSw
Black AACchCchKKSS
Black AACchCchKKSSp
Black AACchCchKKSSw
Black AACchCchKkSS
Black AACchCchKkSSp
Black AACchCchKkSSw
Black AACchCchKKbrSS
Black AACchCchKKbrSSp
Black AACchCchKKbrSSw
Black AAtCCKkSSp
Black AAtCCKkSSw
Black AAtCCKKbrSSp
Black AAtCCKKbrSSw
Black AAtCCchKKSSp
Black AAtCCchKKSSw
Black AAtCCchKkSS
Black AAtCCchKkSSp
Black AAtCCchKkSSw
Black AAtCCchKKbrSS
Black AAtCCchKKbrSSp
Black AAtCCchKKbrSSw
Black AAtCchCchKKSS
Black AAtCchCchKKSSp
Black AAtCchCchKKSSw
Black AAtCchCchKkSS
Black AAtCchCchKkSSp
Black AAtCchCchKkSSw
Black AAtCchCchKKbrSS
Black AAtCchCchKKbrSSp
Black AAtCchCchKKbrSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCKkSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCKkSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCKkSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKbrSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKbrSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCKKbrSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKkSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKkSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKkSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKbrSS
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKbrSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCCchKKbrSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKSS
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKkSS
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKkSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKkSSw
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKbrSS
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKbrSSp
Black and Gold AtAtCchCchKKbrSSw
Black and White AACCKKSpSp
Black and White AACCKKSpSw
Black and White AACCKkSpSp
Black and White AACCKkSpSw
Black and White AACCKKbrSpSp
Black and White AACCKKbrSpSw
Black and White AACCchKKSpSp
Black and White AACCchKKSpSw
Black and White AACCchKkSpSp
Black and White AACCchKkSpSw
Black and White AACCchKKbrSpSp
Black and White AACCchKKbrSpSw
Black and White AACchCchKKSpSp
Black and White AACchCchKKSpSw
Black and White AACchCchKkSpSp
Black and White AACchCchKkSpSw
Black and White AACchCchKKbrSpSp
Black and White AACchCchKKbrSpSw
Black and White AAtCCKKSpSp
Black and White AAtCCKKSpSw
Black and White AAtCCKkSpSp
Black and White AAtCCKkSpSw
Black and White AAtCCKKbrSpSp
Black and White AAtCCKKbrSpSw
Black and White AAtCCchKKSpSp
Black and White AAtCCchKKSpSw
Black and White AAtCCchKkSpSp
Black and White AAtCCchKkSpSw
Black and White AAtCCchKKbrSpSp
Black and White AAtCCchKKbrSpSw
Black and White AAtCchCchKKSpSp
Black and White AAtCchCchKKSpSw
Black and White AAtCchCchKkSpSp
Black and White AAtCchCchKkSpSw
Black and White AAtCchCchKKbrSpSp
Black and White AAtCchCchKKbrSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKKSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKKSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKkSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKkSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKKbrSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCKKbrSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKKSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKKSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKkSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKkSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKKbrSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCCchKKbrSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKKSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKKSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKkSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKkSpSw
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKKbrSpSp
Black White and Gold AtAtCchCchKKbrSpSw
Brindle AACCKbrKbrSS
Brindle AACCKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AACCKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AACCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AACCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AACCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AACchCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AACchCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AACchCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AAtCCKbrKbrSS
Brindle AAtCCKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AAtCCKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AAtCCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AAtCCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AAtCCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AAtCchCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AAtCchCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AAtCchCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AtAtCCKbrKbrSS
Brindle AtAtCCKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AtAtCCKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AtAtCCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AtAtCCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AtAtCCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSS
Brindle AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSSp
Brindle AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSSw
Brindle and White AACCKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACCKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AACCkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACCkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AACCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AACCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACCchkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AACchCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACchCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AACchCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AACchCchkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCCKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCCKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCCkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCCkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCCchkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCchCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCchCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AAtCchCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AAtCchCchkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCCKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCCKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCCkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCCkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCCchkKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSpSw
Brindle and White AtAtCchCchkKbrSpSp
Brindle and White AtAtCchCchkKbrSpSw
Gold AACchCchkkSS
Gold AACchCchkkSSp
Gold AACchCchkkSSw
Gold AAtCchCchkkSS
Gold AAtCchCchkkSSp
Gold AAtCchCchkkSSw
Gold AtAtCchCchkkSS
Gold AtAtCchCchkkSSp
Gold AtAtCchCchkkSSw
Gold and White AACchCchkkSpSp
Gold and White AACchCchkkSpSw
Gold and White AAtCchCchkkSpSp
Gold and White AAtCchCchkkSpSw
Gold and White AtAtCchCchkkSpSp
Gold and White AtAtCchCchkkSpSw
Golden Brindle AACCkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AACCkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AACCkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AACCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AACCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AACCchkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AACchCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AACchCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AACchCchkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AAtCCkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AAtCCkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AAtCCkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AAtCCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AAtCCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AAtCCchkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AAtCchCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AAtCchCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AAtCchCchkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AtAtCCkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AtAtCCkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AtAtCCkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AtAtCCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AtAtCCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AtAtCCchkKbrSSw
Golden Brindle AtAtCchCchkKbrSS
Golden Brindle AtAtCchCchkKbrSSp
Golden Brindle AtAtCchCchkKbrSSw
Sable AACCkkSS
Sable AACCkkSSp
Sable AACCkkSSw
Sable AACCchkkSS
Sable AACCchkkSSp
Sable AACCchkkSSw
Sable AAtCCkkSS
Sable AAtCCkkSSp
Sable AAtCCkkSSw
Sable AAtCCchkkSS
Sable AAtCCchkkSSp
Sable AAtCCchkkSSw
Sable AtAtCCkkSS
Sable AtAtCCkkSSp
Sable AtAtCCkkSSw
Sable AtAtCCchkkSS
Sable AtAtCCchkkSSp
Sable AtAtCCchkkSSw
Sable and White AACCkkSpSp
Sable and White AACCkkSpSw
Sable and White AACCchkkSpSp
Sable and White AACCchkkSpSw
Sable and White AAtCCkkSpSp
Sable and White AAtCCkkSpSw
Sable and White AAtCCchkkSpSp
Sable and White AAtCCchkkSpSw
Sable and White AtAtCCkkSpSp
Sable and White AtAtCCkkSpSw
Sable and White AtAtCCchkkSpSp
Sable and White AtAtCCchkkSpSw
White AACCKkSwSw
White AACCKKbrSwSw
White AACCchKKSwSw
White AACCchKkSwSw
White AACCchKKbrSwSw
White AACchCchKKSwSw
White AACchCchKkSwSw
White AACchCchKKbrSwSw
White AAtCCKkSwSw
White AAtCCKKbrSwSw
White AAtCCchKKSwSw
White AAtCCchKkSwSw
White AAtCCchKKbrSwSw
White AAtCchCchKKSwSw
White AAtCchCchKkSwSw
White AAtCchCchKKbrSwSw
White AtAtCCKKSwSw
White AtAtCCKkSwSw
White AtAtCCKKbrSwSw
White AtAtCCchKKSwSw
White AtAtCCchKkSwSw
White AtAtCCchKKbrSwSw
White AtAtCchCchKKSwSw
White AtAtCchCchKkSwSw
White AtAtCchCchKKbrSwSw
White and Black AACCKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AACCkKbrSwSw
White and Black AACCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AACCchkKbrSwSw
White and Black AACchCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AACchCchkKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCCKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCCkKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCCchkKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCchCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AAtCchCchkKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCCKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCCkKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCCchkKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCchCchKbrKbrSwSw
White and Black AtAtCchCchkKbrSwSw
White and Gold AACCkkSwSw
White and Gold AACCchkkSwSw
White and Gold AACchCchkkSwSw
White and Gold AAtCCkkSwSw
White and Gold AAtCCchkkSwSw
White and Gold AAtCchCchkkSwSw
White and Gold AtAtCCkkSwSw
White and Gold AtAtCCchkkSwSw
White and Gold AtAtCchCchkkSwSw

Did you know?
The largest and most prestigious dog show in America is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was established in 1877 and is held annually at Madison Square Garden in New York City.