Toy Fox Terrier Colors

Color Examples

White & Black

White & Black (Extreme White)

White & Chocolate

White & Chocolate (Extreme White)

White & Tan

White & Tan (Extreme White)

White Black & Tan (Extreme White)

White, Chocolate & Tan

White, Chocolate & Tan (Extreme White)

White Black & Tan

Color Genes

Color ABS
White & Black AABBSpSp
White & Black AABBSpSw
White & Black AABbSpSp
White & Black AABbSpSw
White & Black AAtBBSpSp
White & Black AAtBBSpSw
White & Black AAtBbSpSp
White & Black AAtBbSpSw
White & Black (Extreme White) AABBSwSw
White & Black (Extreme White) AABbSwSw
White & Black (Extreme White) AAtBBSwSw
White & Black (Extreme White) AAtBbSwSw
White & Chocolate AAbbSpSp
White & Chocolate AAbbSpSw
White & Chocolate (Extreme White) AAbbSwSw
White & Tan AAyBBSpSp
White & Tan AAyBBSpSw
White & Tan AAyBbSpSp
White & Tan AAyBbSpSw
White & Tan AAybbSpSp
White & Tan AAybbSpSw
White & Tan AtAyBBSpSp
White & Tan AtAyBBSpSw
White & Tan AtAyBbSpSp
White & Tan AtAyBbSpSw
White & Tan AtAybbSpSp
White & Tan AtAybbSpSw
White & Tan AyAyBBSpSp
White & Tan AyAyBBSpSw
White & Tan AyAyBbSpSp
White & Tan AyAyBbSpSw
White & Tan AyAybbSpSp
White & Tan AyAybbSpSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AAyBBSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AAyBbSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AAybbSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AtAyBBSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AtAyBbSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AtAybbSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AyAyBBSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AyAyBbSwSw
White & Tan (Extreme White) AyAybbSwSw
White Black & Tan AtAtBBSpSp
White Black & Tan AtAtBBSpSw
White Black & Tan AtAtBbSpSp
White Black & Tan AtAtBbSpSw
White Black & Tan (Extreme White) AtAtBBSwSw
White Black & Tan (Extreme White) AtAtBbSwSw
White, Chocolate & Tan AAtbbSpSp
White, Chocolate & Tan AAtbbSpSw
White, Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbSpSp
White, Chocolate & Tan AtAtbbSpSw
White, Chocolate & Tan (Extreme White) AAtbbSwSw
White, Chocolate & Tan (Extreme White) AtAtbbSwSw

Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.