Wire Fox Terrier Colors

Color Examples

White and Black


White and Tan

White, Black and Tan

Color Genes

Color AS
White AASwSw
White AAtSwSw
White AAySwSw
White AtAtSwSw
White AtAySwSw
White AyAySwSw
White and Black AASpSp
White and Black AASpSw
White and Black AAtSpSp
White and Black AAtSpSw
White and Black AAySpSp
White and Black AAySpSw
White and Tan AtAySpSp
White and Tan AtAySpSw
White and Tan AyAySpSp
White and Tan AyAySpSw
White, Black and Tan AtAtSpSp
White, Black and Tan AtAtSpSw

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