Shows Sponsored by Boodie Kennels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Boodie Kennels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
DIAMONDS ARE MY NEW BOYFRIEND 2/15/2020 Matthew Phillips Shetland Sheepdog 54
DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND 2/13/2020 Jeanene Brown Shetland Sheepdog 56
NEW YEAR NO SMOKE For Shetland Sheepdogs 1/14/2020 Lucille Green Shetland Sheepdog 65
SLIDE BY H.E.R For Shetland Sheepdogs 1/11/2020 Christopher Kerr Shetland Sheepdog 56
WHATCHAMACALLIT 1/7/2020 JT Howden Shetland Sheepdog 49
MELANIN 12/19/2019 Roy Rick Shetland Sheepdog 48
SUMMER WALKER 12/17/2019 Maria Brandt Shetland Sheepdog 46
EXCUSE ME IF IM SOUNDING CRAZY 12/15/2019 Timothy Rodriguez Shetland Sheepdog 44
DABABY 12/13/2019 Mary Lewis Shetland Sheepdog 53
BE YOURSELF 12/10/2019 Gary Martinez Shetland Sheepdog 46
I WISH MY BESTFRIEND LOVED ME 12/9/2019 Richard Wilson Shetland Sheepdog 33
NO SMOKE 2020 12/7/2019 Deborah Walker Shetland Sheepdog 41
SUGA DADDY 12/5/2019 Jules Fox Shetland Sheepdog 34
K A S H D O L L 11/26/2019 George Hunter Shetland Sheepdog 33
DRIPDEMEANER 11/24/2019 Pat Baldwin Shetland Sheepdog 41
POSE AYEEE 11/21/2019 Paul Taylor Shetland Sheepdog 34
Baby How Ya Feeling 11/19/2019 Oscar West Shetland Sheepdog 40
BOO A MADEA HALLOWEEN OR HOCUS POCUS 10/29/2019 Richard Wilson Shetland Sheepdog 34
TARGARYENS FOR HALLOWEEN 10/27/2019 Patricia Stevens Shetland Sheepdog 27
PROMISE THIS MY MOOD4EVA 4EVA AND EVA 10/24/2019 Carlos Spann Shetland Sheepdog 28
BEYONCÉ BEFORE I LET GO. 10/8/2019 Amanda Young Shetland Sheepdog 43
GO BIHHHH GO BESTIE. 10/5/2019 Alisa Fillmore Shetland Sheepdog 34
MEGAN THEE STALLION PRESENTS 10/1/2019 Kelly St Peter Shetland Sheepdog 41
LET LOVE BE THE WATER 9/20/2019 Jem Eddy Shetland Sheepdog 46
IMMA NEED A STACK 9/19/2019 Johnnie Robinson Shetland Sheepdog 41
NEED THEM SIRENS GOING OFF 9/18/2019 Petra Anderson Shetland Sheepdog 64
TRUE KINGS DONT DIE THEY MULTIPLY 9/17/2019 George Wallace Shetland Sheepdog 39
OKKKUURRTTT 9/16/2019 Rachel Barnette Shetland Sheepdog 47
SAY IT WITH ME HAKUNA MATATA 9/14/2019 Maria Campbell Shetland Sheepdog 32
LIONS ARE YOU WITH ME 9/13/2019 Refugio Andrews Shetland Sheepdog 35
YOU MAD I KNOW IT YOU MAD I KNOW 9/12/2019 Shelley Roberts Shetland Sheepdog 37
ITS A HOT GIRL SUMMER 9/12/2019 Brian Oatman Keeshond 7
YOU KNOW SHE KEEP IT LIT 9/11/2019 Sarah Brush Shetland Sheepdog 36
REAL HOT GIRL S*** AYEEE 9/11/2019 Roosevelt Bomar Keeshond 15
TOOT THAT WHOA WHOA 9/10/2019 Linda House Keeshond 11
I JUST GOT A DM FROM YOUR BESTFRIEND 9/10/2019 Frederick Moore Shetland Sheepdog 52
WHY WOULD YOU BOTHER 9/9/2019 Pamela Geist Shetland Sheepdog 32
HOT GIRL SUMMER For Keeshonds 9/9/2019 Terry Simmons Keeshond 17
WHY WOULD TRY ME 9/8/2019 Roosevelt Bomar Shetland Sheepdog 36
YOU A KING YOU KNOW IT 9/7/2019 Joseph Myles Shetland Sheepdog 29
PROMISE THIS MY MOOD4EVA 9/6/2019 Frederick Moore Shetland Sheepdog 27
OSHUN QUEEN SHEBA I AM THE MOTHER.4 9/3/2019 Angela Perez Great Dane 9
OSHUN QUEEN SHEBA I AM THE MOTHER.3 9/2/2019 Marion Clark Golden Retriever 36
OSHUN QUEEN SHEBA I AM THE MOTHER.2 9/1/2019 Joyce Lowery Afghan Hound 15
MY POWER By Beyoncé For Keeshonds 8/30/2019 Mary Marshall Keeshond 14
MY POWER By Beyoncé For Golden Retrievers 8/30/2019 Otto Oswald Golden Retriever 38
MY POWER By Beyoncé For Australian Terriers 8/30/2019 Refugio Andrews Australian Terrier 1
HOT GIRL SUMMER 2019 8/30/2019 Colton Kunkle Shetland Sheepdog 66
I BE LIKE SOUL FOOD I AM A WHOLE MOOD 8/28/2019 Nancy Wilson Shetland Sheepdog 51
MOOD 4 EVA By Beyoncé For Golden Retrievers 8/27/2019 Eric Fontenot Golden Retriever 36
ANKH ON MY GOLD CHAIN 8/26/2019 Deloris Carter Shetland Sheepdog 52
ICE ON MY WHOLE CHAIN 8/25/2019 Leona Kiley Shetland Sheepdog 44
OSHUN QUEEN SHEBA I AM THE MOTHER 8/24/2019 Chad Hill Shetland Sheepdog 29
I AM THE NALA SISTER OF YORUBA 8/23/2019 Kristy Bryant Shetland Sheepdog 41
I AM BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER 8/22/2019 Blanca Taylor Shetland Sheepdog 43
MOOD 4 EVA By Beyoncé For Keeshonds 8/20/2019 Petra Anderson Keeshond 14
MOOD 4 EVA By Beyoncé For Australian Terriers 8/20/2019 Sam Moss Australian Terrier 0
KEYS TO THE KINGDOM For Shelties 8/20/2019 Gregory Phillips Shetland Sheepdog 49
OTHERSIDE By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/18/2019 Edward Thomas Shetland Sheepdog 41
ALREADY By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/16/2019 Amanda Brantley Shetland Sheepdog 37
NILE By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/15/2019 Walker Stebbins Shetland Sheepdog 51
DONT JEALOUS ME By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/14/2019 Brian Thomas Shetland Sheepdog 41
JA ARA E By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/12/2019 Paul Taylor Shetland Sheepdog 41
FIND YOUR WAY BACK By Beyoncé For Shelties 8/11/2019 Sarah Smith Shetland Sheepdog 50
BROWN SKIN GIRL By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/10/2019 Paul Caraway Shetland Sheepdog 71
SCAR By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/8/2019 Lean Hoeffner Shetland Sheepdog 50
The Lion King The Gift By Beyoncé 8/7/2019 Jill Quinton Shetland Sheepdog 46
WATER By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/6/2019 Barbara Munoz Shetland Sheepdog 67
MY POWER By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 8/2/2019 Charles Britton Shetland Sheepdog 39
MOOD 4 EVA By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 7/30/2019 Graeme Vance Shetland Sheepdog 48
BIGGER By Beyoncé for Keeshonds 7/28/2019 Barbara Hall Keeshond 16
BIGGER By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 7/27/2019 Pamela Banks Shetland Sheepdog 41
BIGGER By Beyoncé For Estrela Mountain Dogs 7/27/2019 Brian Oatman Estrela Mountain Dog 14
Spirit By Beyoncé For Great Danes 7/24/2019 Sandra Conway Great Dane 18
Spirit By Beyoncé For Obedience For All Dogs 7/20/2019 Jess Ratliff All 50
Spirit By Beyoncé For Standard Poodles 7/19/2019 Betty Price Standard Poodle 11
Spirit By Beyoncé For Siberian Huskies 7/19/2019 Edward Thomas Siberian Husky 18
Spirit By Beyoncé For Shetland Sheepdogs 7/19/2019 Lester Fuller Shetland Sheepdog 46
Spirit By Beyoncé For Samoyeds 7/19/2019 Gary Thompson Samoyed 8
Spirit By Beyoncé For Pomeranians 7/19/2019 Theodore Belew Pomeranian 0
SPIRIT By Beyoncé For Keeshonds 7/19/2019 Carol Bateman Keeshond 6
Spirit By Beyoncé For Golden Retrievers 7/19/2019 Ned Ford Golden Retriever 33
Spirit By Beyoncé For Australian Terriers 7/19/2019 Colton Kunkle Australian Terrier 22
Spirit By Beyoncé For Afghan Hounds 7/19/2019 Kelvin Walton Afghan Hound 13
Lion King Presents BEYONCÉ As Nala 7/19/2019 Helen Crippen All 276
Beyoncé:Homecoming For Shetland Sheepdogs 2 6/22/2019 Harrison Elias Shetland Sheepdog 39
Beyoncé:Homecoming For Keeshonds 2 6/18/2019 James Link Keeshond 8
Beyoncé:Homecoming For Shetland Sheepdogs 6/11/2019 Thomas Moore Shetland Sheepdog 22
Beyoncé:Homecoming For Keeshonds 6/11/2019 Daniel Hall Keeshond 10
Sealys All Hail Beyonce 11/18/2018 Stephen Carpenter Sealyham Terrier 24
Goldens All Hail Beyonce 11/10/2018 Don Alaniz Golden Retriever 11

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.