Current Entries

Clwyds Christmas Day All Breed Party - Chihuahua

Current Chihuahua entries for the Clwyds Christmas Day All Breed Party.  This show will be held on 12/25/2019 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
Starter Dogs
 Sirachi Simone Sirachi Bitch 10/26/2019   Owner
 LoupGarou Thanks Again LoupGarou Bitch 10/27/2019   Owner
 LoupGarou Thank You LoupGarou Bitch 10/27/2019   Owner
 17068604 Ayashi no Ceres Dog 10/24/2019   Owner
 17075533 Ayashi no Ceres Dog 11/1/2019   Owner
 17073768 Ayashi no Ceres Bitch 11/29/2019   Owner
 Sirachi Little Mo Sirachi Bitch 12/1/2019   Owner
 Sirachi Red Surprise Sirachi Bitch 12/5/2019   Owner
 Sirachi Show Off Sirachi Dog 12/1/2019   Owner
 TinyToes Terence TinyToes Dog 12/6/2019   Owner
 MJ`s Radio Ga Ga MJ s Bitch 12/6/2019   Robert Pouk
 Sirachi Black Top Hat Sirachi Dog 12/1/2019   Owner
 MJ`s Turn On Your Radio MJ s Dog 12/5/2019   Owner

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.