Brussels Griffon Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH UDSiRR Yule Tidings 97.1 Rough Black Silver Ring Kennel $150
GCH CH SiRR Stollen Rock 96.2 Rough Red Dustmop Kennels $50
GCH CH SiRR Hollandais 96.3 Rough Belge LightningBSD $50
GCH CH UDHAVOK Fila 96.2 Smooth Red Sweet Frog Kennel $25
CH Ars Goetia Lanier 96.6 Rough Red batling $100
CH SiRR Edgar Allen Poe 96.9 Rough Red Silver Ring Kennel $100
CH Ars Goetia Asmodai 96.5 Smooth Belge batling $100
CH SiRR Jake The Snake 96.6 Smooth Red LightningBSD $50
CH CDHAVOK Downey 96.1 Rough Black LightningBSD $50
Ars Goetia Liebe 96.3 Rough Red batling $100
HAVOK Touch N Roar 96.0 Rough Black & Tan Havok Kennel $25

Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing