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Showdog.com ShowDog.Com is a one of a kind online dog game that gives you the chance to manage a kennel of show dogs.

You choose from 180 different breeds; whether it be Great Dane, Beagle, or Poodle, there is a breed for you. Watch and manage them as they grow from a puppy to a national champion!
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Kalyndas Circle Back to Arial
GaylanStudio December 13th All Breed
DV Exchange Rate
RiverSides December Show
ESAN Royal Shine
Stealing Home 39
Rivertown On The Map
Silver State All Breed Show 1
Northcrest Empowered
Krieghund Fall Show 17
3,516 Entries in 26 Shows Today
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An obedience trial is a dog sport in which a dog must perfectly execute a predefined set of tasks when directed to do so by his handler
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