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Author Topic : Argentine dogo needs help
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3/5/2018 9:19:46 PM reply with quote send message to Zoetic Object to Post   

I have tons of females and males for sale
as well as males for $25 stud.

The breed has been lingering in the 95s for a long time.

I periodically upgrade certain kennels (right now it's this one) to help within a breed and lower COI. I have a whack available now for
lower than $100 if you offer and are serious about doing your own
breeding of this breed to help its numbers.

I also have show-level SOP if you are interested (there is still
another kennel who as far as I know would love some competition).

If interested, please message me and offer on the dogs I have for sale.
Doesn't have to be $100

Replies in this thread : 0

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