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Author Topic : What all does high COI% cause?
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What all does a high COI% cause? Or what happens at what percents? Does anyone know how likely something is to happen at what percentages?
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Here in this kennel, I have done breedings that have a COI as high as around 15-16% with no bad effects.
But I think the higher one goes on COI, the worse the litters will be.
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Further reading:

I have not run into COI issues in this kennel but over 15% will be noticeable.
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Yes, the higher the COI over 15 the greater the risk of poor outcomes. Nevertheless, I have had fairly good results with COI as high as 17 and 18, so if the match looks good it is sometimes worth the risk if it is a strong pedigree.

Replies in this thread : 3

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