AMW Orientals

CH BSA Lil Oriental Flower (78.40/20) Japanese Chin
CH BSA Yatsee (78.30/20) Japanese Chin
CH Lil Peking Far Far Away (76.70) Japanese Chin
CH Lil Peking Kee Kee (77.60/20) Japanese Chin
GCH CH Lil Peking Samosa (77.30/20) Japanese Chin
CH Lil Peking Sweet And Sour (76.40/20) Japanese Chin
CH AMW Jellyroll (84.20/20) Pekingese
BSA Lil Black Dress (77.90) Japanese Chin
LiL Peking Golden Glow (77.20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Its In The Stars (77.50) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Prom Queen (77.50) Japanese Chin
AMW Belly Laugh (84.25/20) Pekingese
AMW Gummy Bear (84.70/20) Pekingese
Panda Pawz Nu Wave Snokflake (10.90) Pekingese

CH BSA Key To The Mint (78.75/20) Japanese Chin
GCH CH AMW From Zero To Zorro (84.85/20) Pekingese
CH AMW Ounce Of Bounce (84.30/20) Pekingese
CH AMW Richardo (84.45/20) Pekingese
BSAs Pay The Bill (77.15/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Sour Red Raisin (77.40) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Wild Bill (77.45/20) Japanese Chin
AMW Band Leader (84.20/20) Pekingese
AMW Ping Pong (30.20) Pekingese
Nine Dragons Fu-Han (85.10/20) Pekingese

By Ch Jidokey Abercrombie out of Ch AMW Jellyroll.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #2 (85.50/20) (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pekingese
By Ch Seapoint Arabesque out of LiL Peking Golden Glow.
(13 days)
Lil Peking Golden Glitter (76.25/20) (Bitch) Japanese Chin
By Lil Peking Sour Red Raisin out of Lil Peking Red Robin.
(13 days)
Lil Peking Red Embers (77.90) (Dog) Japanese Chin

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 45.9 (#277)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 3/8/2010
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/22/2014
Community Rank: 498th
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