AMW Orientals

CH BSA Lil Black Dress (77.90) Japanese Chin
CH BSA Lil Oriental Flower (78.40/20) Japanese Chin
CH BSA Yatsee (78.30/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Dance With Me (78.50/17.5) Japanese Chin
LiL Peking Golden Glow (77.20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Red Alert (77.90/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Tri Tina (77.75/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Pking All That Glitters (77.45/19.3) Japanese Chin
AMW Jubilee (31.10) Pekingese
Briarwoods Hot Buns Pekingese

CH BSA Key To The Mint (78.75/20) Japanese Chin
CH Lil Peking Red Embers (77.90) Japanese Chin
GCH CH AMW From Zero To Zorro (84.85/20) Pekingese
CH AMW Gummi Bear (85.50/20) Pekingese
CH AMW Ounce Of Bounce (84.30/20) Pekingese
CH AMW Richardo (84.45/20) Pekingese
CH AMW The Dragon Killer (87.40/20) Pekingese
CH Loongtao Tap Dancer (87.15/20) Pekingese
Lil Peking Black Tie Affair (78.65/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Rocket Man (78.70/18.8) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Sour Red Raisin (77.40) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Stargazer (77.90/20) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Tuxedo (78.40/19.2) Japanese Chin
Lil Peking Wild Bill (77.45/20) Japanese Chin
AMW Mincemeat (85.40/20) Pekingese
Nine Dragons Fu-Han (85.10/20) Pekingese

By Ch BSA Key To The Mint out of Lil Pking All That Glitters.
(5 days)
New Puppy #2 (78.20/20) (Dog) Japanese Chin
By Nine Dragons Peng Ling out of Ch AMW Jellyroll.
(5 days)
New Puppy #1 (84.95/19.0) (Dog) Pekingese
By Ch Loongtao Tap Dancer out of AMW Dragon Flower.
(5 days)
New Puppy #2 (86.25/20) (Bitch) Pekingese
By Ch Keeskee Sumo out of Ch BSA Yatsee.
(8 days)
New Puppy #2 (79.40/18.50) (Dog) Japanese Chin

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 47.4 (#279)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 3/8/2010
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 1/26/2015
Community Rank: 438th
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AMW Jubilee
Due 1/27/2015 to AMW Nine To Five
Briarwoods Hot Buns
Due 1/27/2015 to Nine Dragons Srce White