CH Ah-Chees Esther Williams (84.15/20) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Chees Stemy Seas (85.20/20) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Cheese Ice Boom (84.70/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH BK Bautai Pebbles (91.05/20) Tibetan Mastiff
GCH CH BK Me Jane (90.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Ah-Chees Condi Mint (83.90/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Hot Deal (84.15/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Lady of the Deep (85.25/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Olympic Swimmer (84.50/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sea Cookie (84.80/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sea Queen (83.50/20) Chow Chow
XOs Icy (81.25/17.0) Chow Chow
Bautai BK Bubbles (91.30/19.7) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Goody Two Shoes (91.40/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Medusa (91.00/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Racecar Babe (91.30/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Smokin Hot (91.05/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK The Baroness (91.10/20) Tibetan Mastiff

CH Ah-Chees Captain (84.20) Chow Chow
CH BK Old Grandad (91.20/20) Tibetan Mastiff
GCH CH BK Rumble In The Jungle (90.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Ah-Chees Hot N Heavy (85.30/19.4) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sea Breeze (84.05/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Walter (84.40/19.6) Chow Chow
BK About To Rumble (90.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Have Gun Will Travel (91.45/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK On The Mount (91.00/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Order In The Court (91.35/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Spirits of the Gods (91.30/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Dirges Zeus ((90.50)) Tibetan Mastiff

By Ch Bautai Go The Distance out of BK Racecar Babe.
(5 days)
New Puppy #4 (92.35/20) (Dog) Tibetan Mastiff
By Ah-Chees Hot N Heavy out of Ch Ah-Chees Esther Williams.
(5 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Chow Chow
New Puppy #1 (84.45/20 BLU) (Dog) Chow Chow
By Ah-Chees Hot N Heavy out of Ah-Chees Wet N Wild.
(5 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Chow Chow
New Puppy #1 (84.00/20) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By LeBleu Dakota Blizzard out of Ch Ah-Cheese Ice Boom.
(10 days)
New Puppy #3 (78.35/20 Crm S) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By Ch Whisper`s Stand By Me out of Ah-Chees Condi Mint.
(12 days)
New Puppy #2 (82.70/20) (Bitch) Chow Chow
By Ah-Chees Cream of the Crop out of Ah-Chees Creme de La Creme.
(12 days)
New Puppy #3 (65.50/19.1) (Dog) Chow Chow
By Ah-Chees Cloaked In Blu out of Ah-Chees Breezy Blue.
(12 days)
New Puppy #5 (29.95/20) (Dog) Chow Chow

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 53.1 (#222)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/8/2009
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/28/2015
Community Rank: 696th
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Ah-Chees Condi Mint
Due 3/2/2015 to Ah-Chees Walter
CH Ah-Cheese Ice Boom
Due 3/2/2015 to Ah-Chees Hot N Heavy