CH Ah-Chees On The Kat Walk (82.65/20) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Chees PickleJuice (82.40/20) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Chees Sparkling Bubbles (81.80/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH BK Storm Watcher (90.15/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Ah-Chee Rhapsody In Blue (82.25/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Bubbles N Brew (82.40/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Hot Tamale (81.90/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Mermaid (82.05) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sour Candi (82.15/20) Chow Chow
LeBleu Flame To Fame (80.95/20) Chow Chow
BK First Act (89.45/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Rumble Rita (89.40) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Stormy Seas (89.65) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Tipsy Turvy (89.20/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK With A Wink (89.05/20) Tibetan Mastiff

CH Ah-Chees Ahab (81.65/20) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Chees Colonel Sanders (82.15/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH Ah-Chees Goucho (81.45) Chow Chow
CH Ah-Chees Sweet N Sour (82.75/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH Ah-Chees Clap of Thunder (89.30/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Ah-Chees Feel The Wave (83.50/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees It Stings (81.80) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sand Dollar (82.80/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Won Ton (82.50) Chow Chow
Bautai Rowen And Martin (90.35/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Leading Man (89.65) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Rumble In The Jungle (90.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff

By Ch Bautai Quick Draw out of Bautai Appletini.
(6 days)
New Puppy #3 (90.25) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff
By Bearhug Sergeant Pepper out of BK Tipsy Turvy.
(6 days)
New Puppy #5 (86.85/20) (Dog) Tibetan Mastiff
By Ch Ah-Chees Clap of Thunder out of BK With A Wink.
(13 days)
New Puppy #3 (89.55/20) (Dog) Tibetan Mastiff

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 48.7 (#225)
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Signed Up: 4/8/2009
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 7/27/2014
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Ah-Chees Hot Tamale
Due 7/28/2014 to Ah-Chees Colonel Sanders
LeBleu Flame To Fame
Due 7/28/2014 to Ah-Chees It Stings
Ah-Chees Mermaid
Due 7/28/2014 to Ah-Chees It Stings