CH Ah-Chees Hot Mama (85.45/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH Ah-Chees Lady of the Deep (85.25/20) Chow Chow
GCH CH Ah-Chees Stemy Seas (85.20/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Aqua (83.45/20BLU S) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Black Ice (81.75/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Black Magic (85.05/20 BLK) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Cinnamon Seas (84.70/19.8) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Frozen Delite (82.20/18.7) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Liquid Lunch (85.40/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Peppermint Tea (85.35/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Sea Sick Sally (83.95/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Tepid (84.00/18.1BLUE) Chow Chow
BK Bubble UP (91.85/20) Tibetan Mastiff

CH Ah-Chees Deep Blue Seas (84.45/20 BLU) Chow Chow
GCH CH Ah-Chees Hot N Heavy (85.30/19.4) Chow Chow
CH BK Have Gun Will Travel (91.45/20) Tibetan Mastiff
GCH CH BK Long Distance Hauler (92.35/20) Tibetan Mastiff
GCH CH BK Rumble In The Jungle (90.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Ah-Chee Black On Black (84.90/19.9) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees All Shook Up (85.65/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Black Seas (83.65/18.8 BLK) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Blu On Blu (83.95/18.3) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Cream Topping (70.45/20CRM S) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Lukewarm (84.10/19.4) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Make Mine With Cream (84.90/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees WallyWorld (84.20/20) Chow Chow
Ah-Chees Walter (84.40/19.6) Chow Chow
BK Beastmaster (91.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Foaming Brew (91.80/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Keep On Trucking (91.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff
BK Triple Crown (92.10/20) Tibetan Mastiff
Shelmast Anew India (88.95/20) Tibetan Mastiff

By Bautai Rolex out of BK Lounge Lizard.
(3 days)
New Puppy #7 (92.35/20) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff
New Puppy #1 (91.85/20) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff
By Ch Bautai Unbreakable out of Bautai Willow.
(7 days)
New Puppy #1 (91.95/20) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff
By Shelmast Anew High out of Shelmast Shazza Warming.
(10 days)
Shelmast Shazza I (89.55/20) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff
By Ursos Kudu out of Ursos Black Diamond.
(10 days)
New Puppy #8 (90.80/20) (Bitch) Tibetan Mastiff

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Ah-Chees Aqua
Due 5/25/2015 to Ah-Chees Blu On Blu
Ah-Chees Black Ice
Due 5/25/2015 to Ah-Chee Black On Black
Ah-Chees Frozen Delite
Due 5/25/2015 to Ah-Chees Walter
Ah-Chees Sea Sick Sally
Due 5/25/2015 to Ah-Chees Cream Topping