NEMESIS presents our first American Staffordshire Terrier champion, and he is a homebred!

Ch. Nemesis Indigo Flame
Bronze Stud

Congratulations as well to
Ch. Nemesis Who Would Be King
Ch. Nemesis Wild Blue Yonder
Ch. Nemesis Rivers Edge
Ch. Nemesis Jagged Edge
Ch. Nemesis Nuclear Winter
Ch. Nemesis Heaven Beside Me
Ch. Nemesis Everlasting Moon
Ch. Nemesis Just My Ego
Ch. Nemesis Wild Indigo
Ch. Nemesis IndiGlo
Ch. Nemesis Dr Strangelove
Ch. Nemesis Mountain Eden
Ch. Nemesis Montana Snow
Ch. Nemesis Indigo Blue
Ch. Nemesis Atomic Trigger
Ch. Nemesis Sugar Rush
Ch. Nemesis Atomic Angel
Ch. Nemesis Cut to the Chase
Ch. Nemesis Atomic Smarty
Ch. Nemesis Smart Bomb
Ch. Nemesis Motley Fool
Ch. Nemesis Smart is Back
Ch. Nemesis Hadron Collider
Ch. Nemesis Snowfall
Ch. Nemesis One Small Step
Ch. Nemesis Wild Nights
Ch. Nemesis Preakness
Ch. Nemesis Edge of Rock
Ch. Nemesis Rachel Alexandra
Ch. Nemesis Just Because
Ch. Nemesis Colorado Snow
Ch. Nemesis Angel Fire
Ch. Nemesis Rocker Chick
Ch. Nemesis Hot Devil
Ch. Nemesis Hot Snow
Ch. Nemesis I'm A Girlwatcher
Ch. Nemesis High Anxiety
Ch. Nemesis High Altitude
Ch. Nemesis Dirty Boy
Ch. Nemesis Dirty Laundry
Ch. Nemesis Dotted Swiss
Ch. Nemesis Dragons Dream
Ch. Nemesis High Flight
Ch. Nemesis Ubetcha

Our KOMONDOR champions
Ch. Aldeberan Parts of Speech
Ch. Aldeberan Play on Words
Ch. Aldeberan End of Days
Ch. Aldeberan Into the Void
Ch. Aldeberan Silence Follows Rain
Ch. Aldeberan Silent Running
Ch. Aldeberan Secret Silence
Ch. Aldeberan Moon Dog, CD
Ch. Aldeberan Who's Your Daddy
Ch. Aldeberan White Out
Ch. Aldeberan Word Games
Ch. Aldeberan Interjection
Ch. Aldeberan Simple Phrase
Ch. Aldeberan Future Present
Ch. Aldeberan Smoke Rings
Ch. Aldeberan Winter Wind
Ch. Aldeberan Winter Smoke
Ch. Aldeberan Winter Sun
Ch. Aldeberan Altered Tenses
Ch. Aldeberan Phrase Finder
Ch. Aldeberan Altered Star
Ch. Aldeberan Free Verse
Ch. Aldeberan Dr. Drew
Ch. Aldeberan White Lies
GCh Aldeberan Legal Chatter
Ch. Aldeberan Spitting Snow
Ch. Aldeberan Love Line
Ch. Aldeberan Tell Me No Lies
Ch. Aldeberan Witching Hour
Ch. Aldeberan Lime in the Coconut

** Ch. Aldeberan Double Silence **,
* Best of Breed x 49
* Group IV x 5
* Group III x 6
* Group II x 22
* Total dogs beaten 6507

CH Aldeberan Witching Hour (90.70 (11.3 hd/gt) Komondor
Aldeberan Magic Snow (-90.60 fo/hn/ct) Komondor
Aldeberan Paper Trail (90.85 hn/ft) Komondor
Aldeberan Too Much Snow (-90.90 (11.3 hd/ct) Komondor
Aldeberan Winter Storm (90.55 (12.1 gt) Komondor

CH Aldeberan Lime in the Coconut (90.85 (12.1 sz/ft) Komondor
CH Aldeberan Tell Me No Lies (90.80 (11.8 hn) Komondor
Aldeberan Heavy Hitter (-91.25 hd/ct) Komondor
Aldeberan No More Snow (-90.89 hn/sz/ft) Komondor
Aldeberan Tequila (-91.10 sz) Komondor
Aldeberan Twist of Lime (91.15 hd/gt) Komondor

By Aldeberan Twist of Lime out of Aldeberan Too Much Snow.
(4 days)
Aldeberan Peppermint Twist (-90.95 gt/t/) (Dog) Komondor
Aldeberan Twist of Fate (-91.05 hd/hn/gt/t/sz) (Bitch) Komondor
New Puppy #5 (-90.80) (Bitch) Komondor

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Aldeberan Legal Chatter (90.30 (12.0) Komondor
General Info
Prestige: 32.0 (#547)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 2/27/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 10/25/2014
Community Rank: 571st
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