Our breeding features in some of the top winning and highest SOP whippets in the game. Shouldn't it feature in your dogs?

All dogs will be put up for stud at 30 days. Please feel free to use them, no approval is necessary.

Puppies are sometimes available and will only be placed up for sale if I would be happy to have them in my own kennel.

My puppies are sold unconditionally - once you pay for them they are yours to do with as you wish.

Every now and then we also breed and show shelties under the Windance prefix.

Alesar Aria Tiger Whippet
Alesar Bubbles Nikita Whippet
Alesar Caramel Sugar Whippet
Alesar Citrus Sneakers Whippet
Alesar Cosmic Huntress Whippet
Alesar Diamond Duchess Whippet
Alesar Maximum Fizz Whippet
Alesar Poison Sugar Whippet
Alesar Sheer Delight Whippet
Alesar Sienna Slippers Whippet
Alesar Sierra Taxi Whippet
Alesar Spring Sass Whippet
Alesar Storyteller Whippet
Alesar Sugar Amethyst Whippet
Alesar Tahiti Belle Whippet
Alesar Tricky Tiger Whippet
Alesar Web Weaver Whippet

CH Alesar Action Man Whippet
CH Alesar Class Act Whippet
CH Alesar First Edition Whippet
CH Alesar Liar Liar Whippet
Alesar Cosmic Flash Whippet
Alesar Dynamite Thorn Whippet
Alesar Lion Heart Whippet
Alesar Outlaw Storm Whippet
Alesar Philosphers Stone Whippet
Alesar Stoney Joe Whippet
Alesar Tin Tiger Whippet
Alesar Titanium Tiger Whippet
Alesar Wise Guy Whippet

By Ch Vuitton Ninety Nine out of Alesar Sugar Amethyst.
(4 days)
Alesar Little Bear (Bitch) Whippet
By Alesar Titanium Tiger out of Alesar Aria Tiger.
(4 days)
Alesar Cinder Stripes (Bitch) Whippet
Alesar Ebony Lines (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Ruby Stripes (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Alesar First Edition out of Alesar Pickwick Melody.
(6 days)
Alesar Very Juliet (Bitch) Whippet
By Alesar Lion Heart out of Alesar Tinsel Tiger.
(6 days)
Alesar Larry Liger (Dog) Whippet
By Ch Alesar Action Man out of Alesar Sierra Taxi.
(10 days)
Alesar Maui Thyme (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Fancy Dress (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Peach Truffle (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Alesar Class Act out of Alesar Paisley Ritz.
(10 days)
Alesar Brandy Flirt (Bitch) Whippet
Alesar Chambray Lashes (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Fenix To The Max out of Alesar Sienna Slippers.
(10 days)
Alesar Sienna Jazz (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Sienna Melody (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Fenix To The Max out of Alesar Tahiti Belle.
(11 days)
Alesar Sweet Symphony (Bitch) Whippet
Alesar Mulberry Dancer (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Alesar GI Joe out of Alesar Sugar Sparkle.
(12 days)
Alesar Sambuca Hunter (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Buttermilk Trinket (Bitch) Whippet
By Ch Fenix To The Max out of Alesar Jubilee Blossom.
(12 days)
Alesar Caspian Storm (Dog) Whippet
Alesar Ruby Clementine (Bitch) Whippet

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 67.7 (#219)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/15/2006
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/17/2017
Community Rank: 521st

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Due 11/18/2017 to Vuitton Ninety Nine
Alesar Sierra Taxi
Due 11/18/2017 to Alesar Liar Liar
Alesar Poison Sugar
Due 11/18/2017 to Alesar Outlaw Storm
Alesar Tahiti Belle
Due 11/18/2017 to Vuitton Ninety Nine
Alesar Web Weaver
Due 11/18/2017 to Alesar First Edition
Alesar Tricky Tiger
Due 11/22/2017 to Alesar Liar Liar
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