Our breeding features in some of the top winning and highest SOP whippets in the game. Shouldn't it feature in your dogs?

All dogs will be put up for stud at 30 days. Please feel free to use them, no approval is necessary.

Puppies are sometimes available and will only be placed up for sale if I would be happy to have them in my own kennel.

My puppies are sold unconditionally - once you pay for them they are yours to do with as you wish.

Every now and then we also breed and show shelties under the Windance prefix.

CH Alesar Magic Spice (10S 10T) Whippet
Alesar Berry Biscuit (9.9S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Blueberry Pie (9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Chai Latte (10T) Whippet
Alesar Diamond Magic (10S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Dream Dancer (9.9T 10.1F) Whippet
Alesar Magic Mambo (9.9S 10T) Whippet
Alesar Miss Viola (9.9S 9.9T 9.9F) Whippet
Alesar Neon Cape (9.9C 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Pepper Power (9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Rum Ruffle (9.9S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Spiced Latte (10T 10.1C) Whippet
Alesar Spiced Potion (10T) Whippet
Alesar Sugar Stripes (10T) Whippet
Alesar Sweet Serenity (10S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Velvet Cloak (10C) Whippet
Alesar Wild Heather (10.1C 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Witch Wanda (10T) Whippet

Alesar Blue Bill (9.9C 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Blue Bob (9.9C 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Bright Blue (9.9S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Bright Magic (10S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Dancing Shoes (10T 10.1F) Whippet
Alesar Maestro Will (10T) Whippet
Alesar Pop Socks (10T) Whippet
Alesar Rum n Coke (10S 9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Sir Sugar (10T) Whippet
Alesar Spiced Coffee (10T) Whippet
Alesar Strong Lines (9.9T) Whippet
Alesar Tuxedo Ten (10C) Whippet
Alesar Vanilla Slipper (9.9C 10.1F) Whippet

By Alesar Dancing Shoes out of Alesar Pepper Power.
(3 days)
New Puppy #1 (9.9T 9.9F) (Dog) Whippet
By Alesar Sir Sugar out of Alesar Witch Wanda.
(3 days)
New Puppy #8 (10T) (Bitch) Whippet
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Whippet
By Alesar Berry Ripple out of Alesar Magnolia Breeze.
(3 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Whippet
By Alesar Bright Blue out of Alesar Berry Biscuit.
(3 days)
Alesar Burn Bright (10S 9.9T) (Dog) Whippet
By Alesar Gaelic Dash out of Alesar Funny Lady.
(7 days)
New Puppy #8 (10S 9.9T) (Bitch) Whippet
New Puppy #4 (10T) (Bitch) Whippet
By Zazzle Foot Soldier out of Ch Alesar Magic Spice.
(8 days)
Alesar Blue Shoes (9.9S 10T) (Bitch) Whippet
New Puppy #5 (10T) (Dog) Whippet
New Puppy #4 (10T) (Bitch) Whippet

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Alesar Mister Right Size (10S) Whippet
GCH CH Alesar Sweet Soldier (9.9T 10.1F) Whippet
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Prestige: 49.7 (#282)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/15/2006
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 4/18/2019
Community Rank: 300th

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CH Alesar Magic Spice
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Alesar Blueberry Pie
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Alesar Dream Dancer
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