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GCH CH Alibi Candle In The Wind (TNB) Collie
GCH CH Alibi Canopy Of Dreams Collie
GCH CH Alibi Cloverbrook (GT TNB) Collie
GCH CH Alibi Dark Chocolate Mocha Collie
GCH CH Alibi Midnight And Wine Collie
CH Alibi Strike The Gold Collie
CH Alibi Wet Paint Collie
GCH CH Alibi Windscape Collie
Alibi Contemporary (GT TNB) Collie
Alibi Dangerous Games (FH) Collie
Alibi Diamonds Are Forever Collie
Alibi Follow The Story (GT TNB) Collie
Alibi Living Daylight (GT NTB) Collie
Alibi Sundancer Collie

GCH CH Alibi High Profile Collie
GCH CH Alibi High Voltage Collie
CH Alibi Keeper Of Dreams Collie
CH Alibi Printed By Fire Collie
CH Alibi Special Delivery (Judges) Collie
GCH CH Alibi The Dance (GT TNB) Collie
Alibi Continuing The Dream Collie
Alibi Dance Away Collie
Alibi Dash To Fame Collie
Alibi Golden Dance Collie
Alibi High Velocity (FH) Collie
Alibi Midnight Coast (COAT) Collie
Alibi Quantum of Solace (9.9GT) Collie
Alibi Two Step Collie

By Ch Alibi The Dance out of Ch Alibi Windscape.
(3 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Collie
By Ch Kleenex Blueformer out of Ch Alibi Dark Chocolate Mocha.
(3 days)
Alibi Shadows In The Dark (Dog) Collie
By Ch Blue Moon Stand Tall out of Ch Alibi Cloverbrook.
(3 days)
Alibi Stand And Deliver (Dog) Collie
By Ch Kleenex Wi Tri Me out of Ch Alibi Candle In The Wind.
(4 days)
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Collie
Alibi Wi Tri The Wind (Bitch) Collie
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Collie
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Collie
By Ch Alibi Printed By Fire out of Ch Alibi Strike The Gold.
(9 days)
Alibi Printed In Gold (Bitch) Collie
By Ch One Stare Into Fire v. Wikeen out of Alibi Next Colours.
(12 days)
Alibi Mystery Of The Fire (Dog) Collie
Alibi Blue Flames (Bitch) Collie
By Ch Alibi Continuing Story out of Ch Alibi Midnight Mocha.
(12 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Collie
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Alibi Midnight Echoes (96.3) Collie
GCH CH Alibi Trade Secrets Collie
General Info
Prestige: 91.1 (#44)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/11/2005
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 11/17/2017
Community Rank: 6th

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Upcomming Litters
CH Alibi Wet Paint
Due 11/18/2017 to Alibi Special Delivery
Alibi Sundancer
Due 11/19/2017 to Alibi Printed By Fire
Alibi Dangerous Games
Due 11/19/2017 to Alibi The Dance
CH Alibi Strike The Gold
Due 11/19/2017 to Dancing By Sunfire v. Wikeen