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We started out in Boston Terriers, now we have German Pinschers and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This is 1 out 5 kennels that I have. My other kennels are: MoonLitePaws, Boxer Lover*, Mits Eclipse Kennels, and SillyWilly Kennels. My other kennels have different breeds so check them out!

The other breeds include:

German Pinscher
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Saint Bernard
Toy Fox Terrier

Boston Terrier
CH AMK Sweet Girl

Boston Terrier
CH Sweet T Jelly Bean

CH Furdemonium Legacy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
CH FF Jean Genie

German Pinscher
GCH CH Goldene Schlüssel
GCH CH Der Meisterdieb

Argentine Dogo

BL* Drops Of Jupiter
AM Midnight Moon Shine

GCH CH Goldene Schlüssel (89.65) German Pinscher
AMK The Rain Drip-Drops (Rain 89.80) German Pinscher
Grazioso Kotege (Tiki 89.95 ) German Pinscher
Grazioso Rolanda (Olly 89.75 ) German Pinscher
AM Shadows In Moonlight (Shadow 94.00) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
AMK Push My Luck (Lucky 94.35) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Draig Triss (Triss 94.60) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Grazioso Handle With Care (Carey 94.10) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

GCH CH Der Meisterdieb (89.25) German Pinscher
AMK A Touch Of Jazz (Jazz 89.75) German Pinscher
AMK Bottle Rocket Flying High (Flyer 90.15) German Pinscher
AMK Just Making Chaos (Chaos 89.80) German Pinscher
AMK Ready Set Let`s Ride (Rider 89.70) German Pinscher
AMK Royal Action Spirit (Spirit 89.30) German Pinscher
Grazioso Rogue (Rogy 90.15) German Pinscher
Newwave Big Bang BRhapsodys (Bang 89.40) German Pinscher
AM Smokin Fire Cracker (Smokey 94.30) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
AMK Bringing Out The Freedom (Red 94.15) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

By Draig Dodger out of Draig Triss.
(8 days)
AMK Skippin` Rocks (Skip 94.55) (Dog) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
AMK A Sailor`s Sky (Sailor 94.60) (Bitch) Pembroke Welsh Corgi
By Ch Targaryen The Usurper out of Grazioso Kotege.
(10 days)
AMK Locked In Tight (Locker 90.15) (Dog) German Pinscher
AMK Gypsy Jazz Dance (Gyps 90.30) (Bitch) German Pinscher
By BRhapsodys Ascension out of Grazioso Rolanda.
(10 days)
AMK Late Night Pick-Me-Up (Candy 90.10) (Bitch) German Pinscher
AMK Rockin` All Night (Rock 89.80) (Dog) German Pinscher
AMK Under The Moonlite (Mite 89.55) (Dog) German Pinscher

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Upcomming Litters
Grazioso Kotege
Due 9/5/2014 to Grazioso Rogue
Draig Triss
Due 9/5/2014 to AM Smokin Fire Cracker
Grazioso Handle With Care
Due 9/5/2014 to AM Smokin Fire Cracker