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GCH CH Arcwinds Hurricane ((91.05)*) Finnish Spitz
CH Arcwinds Magpie ((91.20)*) Finnish Spitz
CH Arcwinds Silver Light ((93.10)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Chicory ((91.10)) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Danya ((90.15)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Ginger ((90.55)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Joy ((90.65)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Lola ((90.45)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Tess ((90.25)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Trix ((89.75)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Ariel ((93.00)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Ice Cold ((92.60)*) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Ice Wave ((92.90)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Jinx ((93.10)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Overcast ((93.00)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Silver Mists ((92.85)*) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Storm Winds ((93.00)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Tornado ((92.90)) Norwegian Elkhound

GCH CH Arcwinds Rio ((90.95)*) Finnish Spitz
CH Arcwinds Black Ice ((93.10)) Norwegian Elkhound
CH Arcwinds Silver Breeze ((93.15)) Norwegian Elkhound
GCH CH Arcwinds Tidalwave ((93.15)*) Norwegian Elkhound
GCH CH Arcwinds Typhoon ((93.00)*) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Bailey ((90.25)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Beret ((90.85)) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Burly ((90.50)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Dice ((91.35)) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Indie ((90.75)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Scotch ((90.75)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Tofu ((90.20)*) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Northern Frost ((92.90)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Pinto ((92.95)) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Stargazer ((92.85)*) Norwegian Elkhound

By Ch Highlands Khonsu out of Arcwinds Gypsy.
(2 days)
Arcwinds Pluto ((90.40)*) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Matok ((90.80)*) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By Ch Highlands Lefty out of Arcwinds Tess.
(3 days)
Arcwinds Historia ((90.40)*) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Caddy ((90.05)*) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By Ch Highlands Lefty out of Arcwinds Glados.
(3 days)
Arcwinds Sienna ((91.35)) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Rowdy ((90.55)*) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Kentucky ((90.45)*) (Dog) Finnish Spitz
Arcwinds Lover ((90.85)*) (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By Arcwinds Ice Wind out of Arcwinds Storm.
(10 days)
Arcwinds Blizzard ((92.90)*) (Bitch) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Icy Snow ((92.85)*) (Dog) Norwegian Elkhound
By Ch Arcwinds Black Ice out of Arcwinds Gale.
(10 days)
Arcwinds Icy Wind ((92.90)*) (Dog) Norwegian Elkhound
By Wyvern Geiri out of Arcwinds Ice Cold.
(10 days)
Arcwinds Flurry ((93.40)) (Bitch) Norwegian Elkhound
Arcwinds Thunder Snow ((93.25)) (Dog) Norwegian Elkhound

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