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Here at Around The Corner Kennels. I try to be the best at bringing top quality Clumber Spaniels and Pugs to the ring.

I regularly have litters and dogs for sale. Male dogs go up for stud a little while after 30 days old. I can reserve a pup out of a litter for you. And will allow you to name the pup, as long as there's "ATCs" put as the affix.

I don't have any 2nd POL requirements on studs. I may in the future? But as of now my dogs haven't gotten that good yetwink ;). I can lease females for breeding. I don't require any 2nd POLs from this either. Just a simple money payment.

I will sell to basics unless a known premium has offered on the same dog. If two or more premies or basics offer on a dog. It's first come first servehappy :).

If your a user trying to come into one of my breeds? I'm happy to help with any questions you may have? Just E-Mail me with any Questions, and I'll help as much as I canhappy :).

Well, thank you for visiting. I Hope you found what you were looking for in my kennelhappy :). Thankshappy :)!

!~happy :)~Celena~happy :)~!

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