Champions Bred at Artemis Kennels

Only the best dogs are up for stud, and for no more than $100.

Puppies and Breeding
Artemis Kennels is a small kennel and I normally only have one litter at a time available. Out of each litter I choose one puppy to keep for showing and breeding purposes and the others are put up for sale. Litters can be requested if there's enough interest in a litter or you'd be willing to buy more than one puppy from that litter.

Buying Dogs/Puppies
Most of the time, I put my dogs up for sale without approval. I only ask that before you forever home a dog, you ask if I'd like to buy it back for no more than it was sold for.


Ashes and Gold Mudi
Sureshine Viral Storm Mudi
Sureshine XFactor Mudi

Gold Ashes Mudi

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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