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Home of BIS winning Newfoundlands in all colors!

GCH CH Artesia Back To Black (95.9/20blk NBISS) Newfoundland
CH Artesia Bronze Fantasy (95.7/20brn) Newfoundland
CH Artesia Dreamweaver (95.65/20brnwht) Newfoundland
CH Artesia Hot Fudge (95.65/20brnwht) Newfoundland
GCH CH Artesia Rippled Silk (95.9/20blkwht) Newfoundland
Artesia Distant Thunder (96.1/20blk) Newfoundland
Artesia Grey Storm (95.9/20G) Newfoundland
Artesia Jazz N Blues (95.9/20GW) Newfoundland
Artesia Shades Of Blue (96/20G) Newfoundland

CH Artesia Timeless (96.05/20blkwht) Newfoundland
CH Artesia Tripwire (95.8/20brnwht) Newfoundland
Artesia Basic Gray (95.8/20G) Newfoundland
Artesia Dark August (95.8/20Blk) Newfoundland
Artesia Sun Bear (95.8/20brnwht) Newfoundland

By Ch Artesia Tripwire out of Ch Artesia Rippled Silk.
(4 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Newfoundland
Artesia Ilustrious (96/20blkwht) (Bitch) Newfoundland
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Newfoundland
By Ch Zollhaus Jack Tar out of Ch Artesia Back To Black.
(8 days)
Artesia Grey In The Storm (95.85/20G) (Dog) Newfoundland
Artesia Intrigue (96.25/20Blk) (Bitch) Newfoundland
Artesia Dark N Black (95.9/20blk) (Dog) Newfoundland
By Ch Artesia Tripwire out of Ch Artesia Dreamweaver.
(8 days)
Artesia Steel Dragon (95.75/20GW) (Dog) Newfoundland
Artesia Crossfire (95.95/20brnwht) (Dog) Newfoundland
By Ch Artesia Timeless out of Ch Artesia Bronze Fantasy.
(8 days)
Artesia Triple Sevens (95.75/20brn) (Bitch) Newfoundland
Artesia Academy Performance (96.05/20brn) (Dog) Newfoundland

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Artesia Back In Platinum (95.7/20G) Newfoundland
General Info
Prestige: 62.5 (#109)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 12/13/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 10/29/2014
Community Rank: 387th
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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Artesia Back To Black
Due 11/2/2014 to Artesia Dark August
CH Artesia Bronze Fantasy
Due 11/2/2014 to Artesia Tripwire
CH Artesia Dreamweaver
Due 11/2/2014 to Artesia Timeless
CH Artesia Hot Fudge
Due 11/2/2014 to Artesia Dark August