***Thanks to Summerwind*** for the family account! It is much appreciated, even if I neglect the decorating part of it.

For those of you who might have been familiar with my other kennel;
"Hi, I'm V.irus. I breed and show Weims. Sometimes I dabble in other breeds, but not often. I'm a little A.D.D. about focusing, but Weims is where my heart is."
Now that that is over, I will be focusing on breeding back up my Weim lines. Thanks to those of you who have kept them around by breeding back to them!

IF you ever find a dog/bitch on my page that you like and it is not for sale, just ask. I usually neglect to put them up for sale, but you are always welcome to ask. Even if I can't spare them right now, I could probably remember to give you a shout when they are ready to sell.

Please be patient with me and my page, updates will come as I remember to put them up. And as work, farm, and reality allows.

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