Aurora Starfire

My thanks to PPvallhunds for her magnificent work on this banner! Yet again, you have left me stunned speechless! happy :)

Welcome to Aurora Starfire!

After a long stint away from the game, I have returned. Slowly but surely, my kennels are being brought back to life. I'll eventually be moving my Irish Wolfhound source dogs back here to continue my color project, but I've decided to add Collies to this kennel. I did this mostly because of my RL Collie, Atlas. His namesake now resides in the kennel, and is awaiting sessioning in preparation for showing. As I choose what other breeds I want to include, I will adjust the information I have displayed here.

Until we meet again...


Last updated: 24 November 2016

Every once in a while, I will take a moment to sit and look at the stars. I have had people ask me what it is I'm staring at, and sometimes I will answer, sometimes I won't. When I do, there is an answer that I like to use but that most don't understand. What I am staring at is the fading stars of the past, the bright, blazing stars of the present, and the stars of the future just waiting to shine. They're always there. All you have to do is look for them.

This banner is by CascadeRanch. Cascade was one of the five winners in a contest I submitted for a special order banner. Well done!

CH Starfire`s Shadowfall Collie
CH Starfire`s Silent Judgement Collie
Starfire`s Smooth As Silk Collie
Starfire`s Brave Legend Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Final Hope Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Little Star Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Lost Child Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Softly Seen Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Somber Memory Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Whisper Irish Wolfhound

Starfire`s Calm Acceptance Collie
Starfire`s Forever Winter Collie
Starfire`s Hopeful Fire Collie
Starfire`s Quiet Secrets Collie
Starfire`s Blue Song Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Fabled Times Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s I Remember Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Injustice Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Memory Lost Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Remember Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Sound of Heart Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Spirit Lost Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Timeless Memories Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Will Of The Wisp Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Yuletide Song Irish Wolfhound

By Starfire`s Brash Spirit out of Starfire`s Yuletide Season.
(1 days)
Starfire`s New Season (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Season Song (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s True Blue out of Starfire`s Whispered Hope.
(1 days)
Starfire`s True Whisper (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Blue Whisper (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Whimsical Times out of Starfire`s Memorialized Times.
(1 days)
Starfire`s Time After Time (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Time for Whimsy (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Broken Legend out of Starfire`s Lost In Time.
(1 days)
Starfire`s Timekeeper (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Broken Time (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Gentle Remembrance out of Starfire`s Long Memory.
(1 days)
Starfire`s I Won`t Forget (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Whispered Memory (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Vengeful Spirit out of Starfire`s Legendary Spirit.
(1 days)
Starfire`s Lost Spirit (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Spirit Kin (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Legend Shown out of Starfire`s Legend Found.
(1 days)
Starfire`s Forever Lost (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Lost and Found (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Starfire`s Justice Seen out of Starfire`s Blue Sorrow.
(1 days)
Starfire`s Justice Lost (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Starfire`s Sorrow Seen (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Ch Alibi Storm System out of Ch Starfire`s Silent Judgement.
(3 days)
Starfire`s Silent Storm (Bitch) Collie

Retirement Couch
CH Starfire`s Atlas Collie
CH Starfire`s Midnight Eclipse Collie
CH Starfire`s Quiet Paws Collie
CH Starfire`s Silent Rage Collie
CH Starfire`s Silent Sorrow Collie
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