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The 10.00 coat in Keeshonds was developed from two 9.9 coated bitches whelped from two daughters of the bitch AusWolf Rising Star --- (CH UD DenKees Dark Star Rising x Cherry Creek Dazed Dee). Of these two bitches - Auswolf Sparkling Silver is the major influence behind the spread of the 10.00 coat, and is very much the foundation bitch of this line.

Home of:

Bronze Sire
CH AusWolf Wings of the Storm

Silver Dams
CH AusWolf Thunder and Roses

Bronze Dams
AusWolf Lone Jewel
AusWolf Huckleberry Lass
CH AusWolf Maid of Honour
CH AusWolf Rose in Winter
CH AusWolf Runaway Heiress
CH AusWolf Elizabeth of York
CH AusWolf Ruby Red Cherry
CH AusWolf The Captain*s Lady
CH AusWolf Maid of Ireland
GCH AusWolf To Catch a Queen
CH AusWolf Cherry Delight
CH AusWolf Dawn Delight
CH AusWolf Viking Hostage
AusWolf Finding Grace

Bronze Grand Champions

GCH GS Rhythm Blown Away (ret)
-Bronze Grand Champion-

Bred by good stuff, Ch and GCh finished by good stuff
Bronze gained by AusWolf
GCH AusWolf Tudor Captain
Ch finished by Auswolf, GCH and Bronze by Shelhond
GCH AusWolf Huckleberry Hill
finished by Shelhond]

Grand Champions bred

GCH AusWolf Apprentice Wizard (ret)
GCH AusWolf Arch Wizard (ret)
GCH AusWolf Rhythm Of The Night

BISS - April 2016 Keeshond Nationals - (Champions)
GCH AusWolf Vixen in Velvet
GCH AusWolf Hammer of Justice
GCH AusWolf Jewel in the Snow
GCH AusWolf Storm and Steel
GCH AusWolf Miss Anne

finished by Shelhond
GCH AusWolf Uncrowned King
GCH AusWolf To Catch a Queen
GCH AusWolf Reluctant Bridegroom
GCH AusWolf Beyond Thunderdome

finished by Shelhond
GCH AusWolf Gray Skies
finished by Cwm Ddu
GCH AusWolf Travelling Girl
GCH AusWolf Bewitching Grace

-51 Champions bred-

Obedience Titles

CH DenKees Faerie Silver UD
GCH DenKees Teshub UD
DenKees Gypsys Daughter UD
GCH DenKees Dream Keeper UD
CH DenKees Dark Star Rising UD


GCH Tanami Jack Be Nimble UD
GCH Herori Caraway of Magic Acres UD

Norwegian Buhunds

GFRD Mood Ring UD
Australian Shepherd

Other Kennels
Denkees Kennels - Keeshonds (Aussiewolfsister)
Tanami Kennels - Norwegian Buhunds (Rensvik)
Kjelvik Kennels - Norwegian Elkhounds
Taymyr Kennels - Samoyeds

CH AusWolf Dashing Witch (98.80g .9fq #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Madam Captain (98.85w 10g.8f #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Star Elegance (98.80w 10fq #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Staying Lucky (98.80b .9fq #) Keeshond
AusWolf Big Bad Lass (-98.80b .9s) Keeshond
AusWolf Fine Passion (98.85w 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Flying Witch (98.85b .1hq#) Keeshond
AusWolf Lady of the Frontier (98.95w 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Lady Sailor (-98.95w 10hq) Keeshond
AusWolf Little Ghost Lassie (-98.85b 10s) Keeshond
AusWolf Major Grace (98.85b .8f #) Keeshond
AusWolf Major Passion (98.85w 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Once Upon A Coffee (98.95b .8f #) Keeshond
AusWolf Pioneer Mistess (98.85g 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Silk Lining (98.95b 10hq.8f #) Keeshond
AusWolf Storm of Taste (98.80w 10fq) Keeshond
AusWolf The Lass Wore Black (98.90w 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Velvet Lining (98.90b 10hq #) Keeshond
AusWolf When Passion Rules (98.90w 10g #) Keeshond
AusWolf Witch*s Ghost (99.05g 10hq #) Keeshond
New Puppy #2 (-98.90w 10g.8f) Keeshond
New Puppy #4 (-98.90b .9s) Keeshond

CH AusWolf Accidental Knight (98.90w 10g HX #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Astral Guardian (98.95b.1hq10g.8f TD) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Bad Bad Lad (99.05b 10hq DS#) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Ghostly Guard (-98.85b 10s DS****) Keeshond
CH AusWolf On Storm Watch (98.90b DS #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf On the Flying Trapeze (98.85b.1hq WI #) Keeshond
CH AusWolf Prisoner of Night (98.85w 10fq10g HX) Keeshond
GCH CH AusWolf The Barista (99.15b10hq10g.8fBW #) Keeshond
AusWolf Accidental Star (99.00w 10g HX #) Keeshond
AusWolf Bad Bad Boy (98.90b 10g.9s DS#) Keeshond
AusWolf Frontier Major (98.85b 10g TCK #) Keeshond
AusWolf Sugar Ray (99.00g .9fq.8f SS#) Keeshond
New Puppy #4 (-98.90w 10fq,g) Keeshond

By Ch AusWolf Prisoner of Night out of Ch AusWolf Staying Lucky.
(1 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Keeshond
By AusWolf Son of the Storm out of Ch AusWolf Dashing Witch.
(1 days)
New Puppy #1 (-98.95w ) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf On Storm Watch out of Ch AusWolf Madam Major.
(1 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf Bad Bad Lad out of Ch AusWolf Saving Grace.
(1 days)
New Puppy #1 (-99.10b 10hq) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Arkay3 Daily Grind out of Ch DenKees Lady Carlottta.
(8 days)
AusWolf Nine to Five (99.05w10hq,g,tBW#) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf The Barista out of AusWolf Lady Sailor.
(8 days)
AusWolf Espresso (-99.15w10hq,g,tBW#) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf Keeper of Elegance out of Ch AusWolf Star Elegance.
(8 days)
AusWolf The Toff (98.95w 10fq DS #) (Dog) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
GCH CH AusWolf Bewitching Grace (Witch) Keeshond
GCH CH AusWolf Travelling Girl (Lassie) Keeshond
CH DenKees Lady Carlottta (98.95g 10hq #) Keeshond
AusWolf Finding Grace (Gracie BMD) Keeshond
General Info
Prestige: 83.1 (#62)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/10/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/16/2019
Community Rank: 173rd
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Upcomming Litters
AusWolf Flying Witch
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf Ghostly Guard
AusWolf Major Grace
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf Ghostly Guard
AusWolf Lady Sailor
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf Astral Guardian
CH AusWolf Madam Captain
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf On Storm Watch
CH AusWolf Star Elegance
Due 10/20/2019 to DenKees Border Guard
AusWolf Fine Passion
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf On the Flying Trapeze
AusWolf Pioneer Mistess
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf Ghostly Guard
AusWolf Lady of the Frontier
Due 10/20/2019 to AusWolf Ghostly Guard