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-81 Grand Champions bred-
-644 Champions bred-

CH Queen Vashti UD
Foundation bitch
Bred by Dutch Creek Kennels
BIG - Turnback All Breed 6 - (Open)

The home of:

GCH DenKees To Catch a King

- Platinum Grand Champion -
-Silver Sire-

No.1 All Time Top Keeshond show dogs.

4th in the Top All Breeds by Grand Champion Points with 654 GCH points
No 1 - Non-sporting group February and March 2017
11 Best in Shows
38 Best in Specialty Shows
3 Keeshond National wins

-Platinum Grand Champion-
-Bronze Sire-

GCH DenKees Prince of Wales
15 Best in Shows
1 Keeshond National win

-Bronze Sires-

GCh DenKees Faramir
-Silver Grand Champion-

5 Best in Shows

GCH DenKees Silver Sovereign
- Silver Grand Champion -

11 Best in Shows

GCH DenKees Storm of Fire
-Bronze Grand Champion-

8 Best in shows

GCH DenKees Wild Irish Warrior
-Bronze Grand Champion-

3 Best in Shows

GCH DenKees Wild Irish Warrior
-Bronze Grand Champion-

GCH DenKees Broken Dreams
GCH DenKees Wild Irish Rover
GCH DenKees Midnight Hunter
CH Winterhearts Blow Me Away

Bred by Winter Heart

-Bronze dams-

GCH DenKees Star of Venus
GCH DenKees Star Dreaming
DenKees Celtic Mystery
DenKees Song for a Storm
CH DenKees Stormy Kiss
CH DenKees Carmen Sandiego
CH DenKees Celtic Dragoness
DenKees Mad Mol
CH DenKees Irish Colleen
CH DenKees Dragoness in Flight
DenKees Sovereign Dragoness
CH DenKees Diamonds are Wild
DenKees Faro*s Daughter
DenKees Jewel Hunt
Ch DenKees Dance Little Lady
GCH DenKees Classy Girl
CH DenKees Under Irish Stars
DenKees Charlene

-Bronze Grand Champions-

GCH DenKees Celtic Storm God
3 Best in Shows
GCH DenKees Firefly Dancing
4 Best in Shows
GCH DenKees Ride the Wild Storm
2 Best in Shows
GCH DenKees Silver Dragoness
4 Best in Shows

Other BIS winners

GCH DenKees Honey Thief
1 Best in Show
CH DenKees Celtic Singer
1 Best in Show
Ch DenKees Rhythm of Love
2 Best in Shows

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CH DenKees An Angel Sings (98.85w .8f #) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Dash of Love (99.00w .9fq10hq.8f #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Dashing Damsel (98.85w .9fq.1hq #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Elegant Maid (98.85w .9fq.1hq #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Hidden Gem (99.05g .9fq10hq #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Perfect Gem (99.00g .9fq10hq #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Shadow Princess (98.90g .8f#) Keeshond
CH DenKees Welsh Princess (98.85b 10g #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Welsh Tears (98.95w 10hq.8f #) Keeshond
DenKees Cleo (-94.70b) Keeshond
DenKees Elite Lady (98.85w 10g .8f) Keeshond
DenKees Elite Princess (98.85w 10g #) Keeshond
DenKees Elite Queen (98.90w .9fq.8f #) Keeshond
DenKees End of Shadows (98.95b 10hq.8f #) Keeshond
DenKees Georgia Peach (98.85b 10hq #) Keeshond
DenKees Love Across Time (99.00w 10hq.8f #) Keeshond
DenKees My Secret Love (-99.00b .9fq 10g#) Keeshond
DenKees Secret Angel (98.90b 10g #) Keeshond
DenKees Shadow Maid (98.90w 10fq #) Keeshond
DenKees Shadow Sister (98.90w 10fq #) Keeshond
DenKees Shadowy Tigress (98.90w 10hq #) Keeshond
DenKees The Lady Sails (98.95w #) Keeshond
DenKees The Princess Sails (98.95w 10g #) Keeshond
DenKees Welsh Brandy (99.00g 10hq #) Keeshond
DenKees Welsh Heart (98.90b.9fq.8f #) Keeshond
New Puppy #2 (98.90b 10hq) Keeshond
New Puppy #2 Keeshond

CH DenKees Prince of Paris (99.00g 10hq.8f BW#) Keeshond
CH DenKees The Black Guard (98.90w 10fq TCK#) Keeshond
CH DenKees Tiger Prince (98.80w 10g MM #) Keeshond
CH DenKees Under Full Sail (99.05w 10hq BW#) Keeshond
CH DenKees Wild Earl (98.80w 10fq TCK#) Keeshond
DenKees Midnight Boxer (98.95g .9fq.8f SS#) Keeshond
DenKees Running Wild (98.85g .8f HX) Keeshond
DenKees Welsh Legacy (99.00b.9fq10hq BW#) Keeshond

By AusWolf Big Bad Guard out of Ch AusWolf Bewitching Grace.
(3 days)
AusWolf On Guard (98.85b .9s) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Prince of Paris out of Ch DenKees Dashing Damsel.
(4 days)
DenKees Damsel in Disguise (-98.95b 10hq.8f#) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Tiger Prince out of Ch DenKees Welsh Princess.
(4 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees French Viscount out of Ch DenKees Shadow Princess.
(4 days)
DenKees Marie de Rohan (-98.95g .8f #) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Noblesse Chevaleresque (98.90g .8f SS #) (Dog) Keeshond
DenKees Duchesse de Luynes (99.00g .8f #) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Under Full Sail out of Ch DenKees Happy Endings.
(4 days)
DenKees Little Mermaid (99.05w 10hq.8f #) (Bitch) Keeshond
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Man of the Franks out of Ch DenKees Gemma Claudia.
(4 days)
DenKees Lady of the Franks (98.90b .9fq#) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Lord of the Franks (98.90b.9fq10hq SoF#) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Secret Prince out of Ch DenKees Gemma Augustea.
(4 days)
DenKees Roman Prince (-99.00b.9fq10g BW) (Dog) Keeshond
New Puppy #2 (98.85g 10g #) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees The Black Guard out of Ch DenKees Dash of Love.
(4 days)
DenKees Dashing Widow (98.95w .9fq10hq#) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Dashing Mistress (98.90w 10fq.8f #) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Man of the Franks out of Ch DenKees Wilful Maiden.
(4 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
CH DenKees Gemma Claudia (98.80w .9fq10hq #) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Prince of Wales (Charlie 499pts BW) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Shadow Guardian (Shadow) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Spy at Midnight (James) Keeshond
DenKees Charlene (Angel BD) Keeshond
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