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Outside champions

CH Queen Vashti UD
Bred by Dutch Creek Kennels
GCH DenKees Kadjarti
Bred by Dutch Creek Kennels
CH PPKees Brain Teaser
Bred by PPKeeshond
CH Eowyn V Zwolfjager
Bred by Dragunov

Homebred Champions
GCH DenKees Yarikh
GCH DenKees Teshub UD
GCH DenKees Madame Butterfly
GCH DenKees King of Hearts
GCH DenKees Galadriel
GCH DenKees King of Dreams
GCH DenKees Butterfly Wings
GCH DenKees Star of Venus
GCH DenKees Dream Catcher
GCH DenKees Rider of Rohan
GCH DenKees Star Dreaming
GCH DenKees Song Keeper
GCH DenKees Dream Keeper

CH Sabitum
CH Impala Grey Suede
Finished by Gypsy Wind Kennels
CH DenKees Arinna
Finished by Laurel Manor Kennels
CH DenKees Rundas
Finished by shelhond
CH DenKees Faerie Silver UD
CH DenKees On Wings of an Eagle
CH DenKees Faerie Dancing
CH DenKees Keeper of Magic
CH DenKees Live the Dream
CH DenKees Butterfly Lover

Finished by Small Dog Grove
CH DenKees Dark Star Rising
CH DenKees Telcontar
CH DenKees Dream Vision
CH DenKees Free as the Wind
CH DenKees Chasing Dreams
CH DenKees Broken Dreams
CH DenKees Silver Wings
CH DenKees Evenstar
CH DenKees Wish Upon A Star
CH DenKees Aramis
CH DenKees Athos

GCH CH DenKees Butterfly Wings (95.05b ; Tina) Keeshond
CH DenKees Chasing Dreams (95.20g ; Chase) Keeshond
CH DenKees Evenstar (95.20b ; Pat) Keeshond
CH DenKees Faerie Dancing (95.05g ; Ginger) Keeshond
CH DenKees Live the Dream (94.90g ; Lily) Keeshond
CH DenKees Silver Wings (95.30b ; Fly) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Star Dreaming (95.55g ; Kittie) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Star of Venus (95.20b ; Nessie) Keeshond
CH DenKees Wish Upon A Star (95.35b ; Winnie) Keeshond
DenKees Andromeda (95.30b ; Andrea) Keeshond
DenKees Celebrían (94.95b ; Cuddles) Keeshond
DenKees Dreaming Magic (94.80g -95.10 ; Tia) Keeshond
DenKees Faerie Princess (95.00 ; Betty) Keeshond
DenKees Foxy Lady (94.20g -95.15 ; Fan) Keeshond
DenKees Goddess Born (95.15b ; QV ; Belle) Keeshond
DenKees Jewel of the Sky (95.40b ; Jewel) Keeshond
DenKees Sad at Heart (95.05b -95.15 ; Tamy) Keeshond
DenKees Star of Night (95.15w -95.20 ; Gema) Keeshond

CH DenKees Aramis (95.30g ; Aramis) Keeshond
CH DenKees Athos (95.25g ; Athos) Keeshond
CH DenKees Broken Dreams (95.45b ; Scobie) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Dream Keeper (95.10g ; Juan) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees King of Dreams (95.00g -95.10 ; Lars) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Rider of Rohan (95.15g ; Samie) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Song Keeper (95.10b ; Tibbs) Keeshond
CH DenKees Telcontar (95.00g ; Conrad) Keeshond
DenKees Broken Hearted (94.65w -95.15 ; Bob) Keeshond
DenKees Broken Magic (95.25b ; Wiz) Keeshond
DenKees Lost in Space (95.55g ; Major) Keeshond
DenKees Wandering Star (95.30b ; Lucky) Keeshond
Gypsy Winds Keep Playing (95.10g -95.25 ; Kobi) Keeshond

By Ch DenKees Aramis out of Ch DenKees Evenstar.
(0 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch Arkay3 Luck Favors The Fool out of Ch DenKees Star Dreaming.
(0 days)
DenKees Fool on the Hill (95.40b ; Fred) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch Gypsy Winds Keep Going On out of Ch DenKees Star of Venus.
(1 days)
DenKees Epsilon Indi (95.15g/9.5 FQ ; Indi) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Broken Dreams out of DenKees Twinkle Little Star.
(7 days)
DenKees All My Dreams (95.25w ; Minnie) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Sweet Little Lady (95.40b ; Tiny) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Broken Dreams out of Ch DenKees Dream Catcher.
(11 days)
DenKees Daydream Believer (95.25g ; Sally) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees King of Dreams out of DenKees Dreaming Magic.
(11 days)
DenKees Magic of the Stars (95.30g ; Magic) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Winterhearts CantHandleTheFlow out of Ch DenKees Chasing Dreams.
(12 days)
DenKees Chasing Diamonds (95.30b ; Di) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Chasing Storms (95.30g ; Stormy) (Dog) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
GCH CH DenKees King of Hearts (94.60g ; King) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Madame Butterfly (94.60b ; Flis) Keeshond
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Upcomming Litters
CH DenKees Chasing Dreams
Due 4/29/2015 to Drakes Shatter Reality bySpyte
DenKees Dreaming Magic
Due 4/29/2015 to DenKees Athos
DenKees Celebrían
Due 4/29/2015 to DenKees Broken Dreams
DenKees Star of Night
Due 4/30/2015 to Oltari Aal
DenKees Foxy Lady
Due 5/1/2015 to DenKees Rider of Rohan
DenKees Faerie Princess
Due 5/3/2015 to DenKees Broken Dreams
CH DenKees Wish Upon A Star
Due 5/3/2015 to Winterhearts CantHandleTheFlow