The above dog is my girl CH Vikeyson Chiara Mizu CCD, RIP.

Welcome to DenKees Kennels!

CH Queen Vashti UD
Foundation bitch
Bred by Dutch Creek Kennels
BIG - Turnback All Breed 6 - (Open)

The home of:

-Bronze Sires-

GCh DenKees Faramir
-Silver Grand Champion-

BISS - Lany for the Keeshond 2 - (Champions)
BIS - Project Wes 10 - (Champions)
BISS - Keeshond Show Cuz I Can - (Champions)
BIS - Advokat All Breed 2 - (Champions)
BIS - Just Another Show Choice 7 - (Champions)
BISS - July 2015 Keeshond Nationals - (Champions)
BIS - August Show 1 - (Champions)
BIS - Summer Vacation - (Champions)
BOB - July 2015 World Cup - (Champions)

GCH DenKees Broken Dreams
CH Winterhearts Blow Me Away

Bred by Winter Heart

-Bronze dams-

GCH DenKees Star of Venus
GCH DenKees Star Dreaming
DenKees Celtic Mystery
DenKees Song for a Storm

-Bronze Grand Champions-

GCH DenKees Celtic Storm God
BIS - Feverfew All Breed 15 - (Champions)
BIS - Barktober Bash Kick-Off - (Champions)
BIS - ASKC All Breed Cluster 1 - (Champions)

GCH DenKees Firefly Dancing
BIS - Let The Puppets Dance 54 - (Champions)
BIS - Canine Ceilidh 48 - (Champions)
BIS - Gymea 2 - (Champions)
BIS - Beltane Celebration 17 - (Champions)

GCH DenKees Storm of Fire
BIS - Ranchstar 22 - (Champions)
BIS - Originality All Breed 9 - (Champions)
BIS - Spring Fling VII - (Champions)
BIS - TriStar April 22nd All Breed Show - (Champions)
BIS - Suave All Breed 12 - (Champions)
BIS - Silhouette May 3rd All Breed Show - (Champions)

Grand Champions

GCH DenKees Kadjarti
Bred by Dutch Creek Kennels
BISS - November 2013 Keeshond Nationals - (1 to 1 1/2 Months)
GCH DenKees Yarikh
GCH DenKees Teshub UD
GCH DenKees Madame Butterfly
GCH DenKees King of Hearts
GCH DenKees Galadriel
GCH DenKees King of Dreams
GCH DenKees Butterfly Wings
GCH DenKees Dream Catcher
GCH DenKees Rider of Rohan

BISS - Analeyn Keeshond Show 3 - (Champions)
GCH DenKees Song Keeper
GCH DenKees Dream Keeper UD
GCH DenKees Wish Upon A Star
GCH DenKees Broken Star

Finished by Drake Creek Meadows
GCH DenKees Celtic Goddess
GCH DenKees Elrohir
GCH DenKees Making Magic
GCH DenKees Théoden
GCH DenKees King of Siam
GCH DenKees Song of Ice and Fire
GCH DenKees Celtic Gypsy
GCH DenKees Of Stardust Born
GCH DenKees Loves Old Sweet Song
GCH DenKees Playing with Fire
GCH DenKees Wizard of the White
GCH DenKees Sing a Song of Love
GCH DenKees Stardust Dreaming
GCH DenKees Wild Wind Rising
GCH DenKees Fire and Spice
GCH DenKees Smoke In The Wind
GCH DenKees Rolling Thunder
GCH DenKees Music Maestro

CH Celtic Singer
BIS - Lets Be Random 15 - (1 to 1 1/2 Months)

-141 Champions bred-

In Memorium:

GCH DenKees Star of Venus

CH DenKees Madame Velvet (-96.80g 9.9C) Keeshond
CH DenKees Snow Maiden (96.90b 10.0c) Keeshond
CH DenKees Stormy Kiss (96.90g) Keeshond
CH DenKees Summer Rhapsody (96.90g) Keeshond
DenKees Dark Silver (-96.95w) Keeshond
DenKees Firefly Summer (97.00b 10.3hq .7g) Keeshond
DenKees Honey Thief (97.15b 9.9c 9.8g) Keeshond
DenKees Lady Willowmere (-97.25b .9c 10.3hq .) Keeshond
DenKees Lost Kiss (-97.05g .7fq.3hq.8g) Keeshond
DenKees Nights Cold Kiss (-96.90w 10.2hq 9.7g) Keeshond
DenKees Prima Donna (96.95w .8g) Keeshond
DenKees Silver Maiden (-97.10w 10c10.3hq) Keeshond
DenKees Silver Smoke (-97.00b 9.9c.7g.5f) Keeshond
DenKees Tales of Thunder (-97.15b10.3hq.6fq,s.) Keeshond
DenKees Velvet Shadow (96.90b 10.0c) Keeshond
DenKees Wind Blown (-96.90b .7g .5s .5f) Keeshond
DenKees Wind in Paradise (-96.90b#10.3hq 9.7tn) Keeshond
DenKees Winter Kiss (-97.00w) Keeshond
DenKees Witch of Eileanan (96.90b 9.9c 9.8g) Keeshond

CH DenKees Fires of Summer (96.95b .5s .5f .5fq) Keeshond
CH DenKees Gathering Storm (96.95g 9.7g 9.7tnb) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Music Maestro (96.90w) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Storm of Fire (96.90g* 9.5f 10.3hq) Keeshond
CH DenKees Thief of Midnight (96.95b .6fq .7g, tnb) Keeshond
DenKees Dark Prophet (96.90w 10.3hq 9.8q) Keeshond
DenKees Forlorn Dragon (-97.05w 9.5s .7g,tnb) Keeshond
DenKees Gentleman Thief (-96.95b 10.c .7g CWW) Keeshond
DenKees Night Watchman (96.95w 9.8g) Keeshond
DenKees Silent Thief (-97.05 6fq .5s .7g) Keeshond
DenKees Symphony of Storms (96.90w .8g) Keeshond
DenKees The Wise One (-96.90w .9c .7fq, g) Keeshond
DenKees Wild Celtic Storm (97.05b .9c .6fq .3hq) Keeshond
DenKees Wise Thief (-96.80g .8fq 10.3hq) Keeshond

By Scalawags Shock and Awe out of Ch DenKees Dash of Spice.
(0 days)
DenKees Cinnamon Girl (96.95b) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Lycaons Spring Forward out of Ch DenKees Magic in the Music.
(2 days)
DenKees Touch of Music (96.95w .8g .5s) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Scalawags Shock and Awe out of DenKees Dark Thunder.
(2 days)
DenKees Thunder and Steel (97.00b) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Gathering Storm out of Ch DenKees Witch of Willowmere.
(5 days)
DenKees Storm Surge (96.95g) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Music Maestro out of DenKees Dilly Dally.
(7 days)
DenKees Dawn Sonata (96.95b) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf Silver Dragon out of Ch DenKees Madame Velvet.
(8 days)
DenKees Velvet Dragon (95.95g .5s .7g, tnb) (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Rhythmn And Blues At Carons out of Ch DenKees Snow Maiden.
(11 days)
DenKees Snow White (97.05b .3hq .9c. 8g) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Rhythm of the Snow (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Music Maestro out of DenKees Lady Venus.
(13 days)
DenKees Master of Music (96.95w .7g,tnb .5f) (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch AusWolf Silver Dragon out of Ch DenKees Rising of the Moon.
(13 days)
DenKees Rising Silver (-97.10 .5s .7tnb) (Bitch) Keeshond
DenKees Ivory Dragoness (-96.90g .5fq,s .3hq) (Bitch) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
GCH CH DenKees Broken Dreams (Scobie) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Celtic Storm God (Toby) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Faramir (Fari) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Firefly Dancing (Flis) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Smoke In The Wind (Smokey) Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Star Dreaming (Kittie) Keeshond
CH Winterhearts Blow Me Away (Windy) Keeshond
DenKees Celtic Mystery (Cia) Keeshond
DenKees Song for a Storm (Storm) Keeshond
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Upcomming Litters
CH DenKees Madame Velvet
Due 5/7/2016 to Lycaons Spring Forward
CH DenKees Stormy Kiss
Due 5/7/2016 to DenKees The Wise One
CH DenKees Summer Rhapsody
Due 5/7/2016 to DenKees Gathering Storm