Kennel policy
Please note: All Champions made up within a certain month are FHd after SDWC. If you are looking at selling to us- please be advised this is the case.
This also means- anyone interested in any champion dogs in this kennel are more than welcome to email me with an intention to buy- they will be sold at $200 (not negotiable)
This is likely to include Best in Group winners, Best in Show winners, National Specialty winners, breedable studs and bitches as well as dogs that still have a very long show life ahead of them
Even if a dog is the highest sop in the breed- they go.

I do this in order to keep my kennel alive and fresh- it saves on costs and Im not fussed about becoming the #1 kennel here. FHing/selling Chs allows new blood into the kennel and into the show ring.

We are concentrating on getting quality coloured dogs in this kennel at the moment- should you be interested in a good quality white- Lilmit is the person to ask happy :) They have sold me a few Best in Show winning dogs and to them I am eternally grateful

Thanks to YukonGoldECS for providing all my GPs

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Retirement Couch
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