Black Veil Brides

Welcome to Black Veil Brides, breeding Black Russian Terriers, Cane Corsi and German Shepherd Dogs.

~Your voice is proud, be your saviour now.~

~Pups from litters almost constantly available.~
~Dogs are priced according to quality.~
~Always happy to lower sale fees to a price both parties are comfortable with, although we ask you do not abuse this.~
~All studs will always be $25, we want to share our boys! Currently, all of our males will be available upon request only. This is because there are certain players in these breeds that push stud prices up high and refuse to lower them, as a result we do not want them using our studs as cheap as chips when we have to sell body parts to be able to use theirs. Other than those few players, all requests will be accepted.~
~If a pup is up for sale for more than $150 we ask you try to finish this dog to the best of your abilities.~
~If an adult is up for sale for more than $150 we do not ask they be finished.~

~We're currently trying to discover what colours all of our dogs have (obviously not the Black Russians) and carry, hopefully this will enable us to inform buyers about the possible colours they can expect from a puppy. If you're intertested in learning about colour genes don't hesitate to contact us, we accept newbies laugh :D.~

Dogs of Worthy Mention
CH Brides Outcast ~ 4th in Breed at the September 2011 World Cup.
~4th in Specialty Show placer.
CH Brides Set This World On Fire ~ Winners Bitch at September 2011 World Cup.
GCH CH Brides Need The Devil ~ 54 Grand Champion Points.
~20 x Best in Breed placer.

~We stand tall, watch them fall. Break the chains and now we'll show them all. Fight for all you know, when your backs against the wall. Stand against the liars, stronger than before. When your life becomes a war, set the world on fire.~

~Black Veil Brides~

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