Borealis Whippets

Breeding quality dogs and bitches that enjoy the show ring.

GCH CH Borealis CCF Seven Up Border Collie
CH Borealis Chocolate Dreams Border Collie
GCH CH UDBorealis DF Night Fury Border Collie
CH Borealis Dreams Deep Border Collie
GCH CH Borealis Slayer Border Collie
CH Borealis Snow Sport Border Collie
CH Borealis Viking Raider Border Collie
GCH CH MeU2 at Borealis Blue Siren Border Collie
CH Borealis Battle Field Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Big Blue Sails Whippet
GCH CH Borealis I Am Yours Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Red Storms Whippet
CH Borealis Silver Tides Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Take Me On Whippet
GCH CH Kohl I`m Back In Black Whippet
Borealis Rhaedal Splendor Border Collie
Borealis Siren Shadow Border Collie
Borealis Zumbos Best Dessert Border Collie

CH Borealis Downhill Ski Border Collie
CH Borealis Dreams Big Border Collie
CH Borealis Gift of the Night Border Collie
GCH CH Borealis Golden Hand Border Collie
CH Borealis On Your Six Border Collie
CH Borealis Ray of Sunshine Border Collie
CH Borealis Blue Rush Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Quick Speed Uphill Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Sailor Whippet
Borealis Nachthunde Nice Tri Border Collie
Borealis Reinvented Border Collie
Borealis Rhaegal Royal Border Collie
Borealis Rhaegal Spotlight Border Collie
Borealis Sable Shadows Whippet

By Ch Ancalagon Elvin King out of Ch Borealis DF Night Fury.
(6 days)
Borealis Moon Second In Line (Dog) Border Collie
Borealis Moon Prince (Dog) Border Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH CDXBorealis On Ur Heels Border Collie
GCH CH Borealis Red Dragon Border Collie
CH Borealis Snow (Summer) Border Collie
CH BW Nachthunde Black Butler Border Collie
CH Borealis Back to Blood Whippet
CH Borealis Best Picked Fruit (Apple) Whippet
CH Borealis Blood Legend Whippet
CH Borealis Blood Ties Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Hot Dog (Sizzle) Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Irish Red On Tap Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Sailor Moon Whippet
GCH CH Borealis Sailors Nightmare Whippet
CH Borealis Shine Bright Whippet
CH BW Kohl In This Moment Whippet
GCH CH Kohl Last Moment Takeover ((BISS / BIG)) Whippet
Galena I Should Be Sleeping Whippet
General Info
Prestige: 67.6 (#210)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/26/2015
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 1/22/2018
Community Rank: 359th
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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH MeU2 at Borealis Blue Siren
Due 1/27/2018 to True Justice Play The Game