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2019 Group Placing Bred by Dogs
Ch Calore Rolling Thunder "Thunder"
BISS Bronze GCH Calore No Dress Code "Teddy"
Ch Calore Speeding out of Control "Speed"
Ch Calore Splatter Paint "Paint"
Ch Calore Luck Of The Draw "Lucky"
GCh Calore To Infinity And Beyond "Buzz"
Ch Calore Today is the Day "Dayo"
Ch Calore Quick Fuse "Fuse"
Ch Calore Honey Honey "Honey"
Ch Calore In Greek " Toga"
Ch Calore Bet on Black "Wager"
Ch Calore Fashionably Late "Brooke"
Ch Calore Garden of Eden "Eden"
Ch Calore Villainess "Ursula"
Ch Calore No Limits "Visa"
Ch Calore Jazzing it Up "Jazz"
Ch Calore Psuedo Sue "Hops"
Ch Calore Lush Life "Lush"
Ch Calore Color My World "Earth"
Ch Calore Polar Vortex "Vortex"
Ch Calore No Reservations "Yes"
Ch Calore Twinkling Star "Star"
Ch Calore Hick Hop "Hick"
Ch Calore Love Potion "Potion"
Ch Calore Get the Memo "Memo"
Ch Calore Pyramid Scheme "Schemer"
Ch Calore Good Time "Timer"
Ch Calore Infinite Fashion "Fashion"
Ch Calore Beyond All Limits "Lima"
Ch Calore Old School Cool "Cool"
Ch Calore Natural Villain "Villain"
Ch Calore Lavender Blues "Lavender"
Ch Calore Jimmy Neutron "Jimmy"
GCH Popeye the Sailor Man "Popeye"
Ch Calore Double to Fun "Dubs"
Ch Calore Oh Dear "Piglet"
Ch Calore Sound of Sunshine "Sunshine"
GCh Calore Accident Prone "Trip"
Ch Calore Lioness "Nala"
Ch Calore Im the Only One "Tigger"
Ch Calore Star Walker "Walker"
Ch Calore On Point "Checkit"
Ch Calore Rare Fight "Fighter"
Ch Calore Sunflower Boogie " Flower"
Ch Calore Jockey Up "Jockey"
Ch Calore Next Coast "Coastal"
Ch Calore Vertical Horizon "Horizon"
Ch Calore Black-Eyed Susan "Susan"
Ch Calore Juvenile Delinquent "Juvy"
Ch Calore One Jump Ahead "Aladdin"
Ch Calore Star Hopper "Hopper"
Ch Calore Everfast "Everfast"
BIS Ch Calore Boys Will Be Boys "Trouble"
Calore Hey Ya "HeyYa"

CH Calore Everfast (Everfast) Border Collie
CH Calore Like The Wind (Windy) Border Collie
CH Calore Oh Dear (Piglet) Border Collie
CH Calore Rebel Heart (Rebel) Border Collie
CH Calore Temptress (Tempo) Border Collie
CH Calore Twinkling Star (Star) Border Collie
CH Calore Wish Granted (Wish) Border Collie
Calore Capture the Flag (Flag) Border Collie
Calore Cupid Shuffle (Cupid) Border Collie
Calore Hundred Acre Wood (Kanga) Border Collie
Calore Lucky Stars (Luck) Border Collie
Calore Red Rover (Rover) Border Collie
Calore Starburst (Starburst/2mjrs) Border Collie

CH Calore Boys Will Be Boys (BIS Trouble) Border Collie
CH Calore Huckleberry Finn (Finn) Border Collie
CH UDCalore Riddle Me This (Riddler) Border Collie
Calore Chutzpah (Chutzpah/2mjrs) Border Collie
Calore Hey Ya (HeyYa/2mjr) Border Collie
Calore No Ifs Ands Or Buts (Iffy) Border Collie
Calore Punch It (Punch) Border Collie
Calore Smooth Operator (Jax) Border Collie
Calore The Entertainer (Jester) Border Collie
Calore Thrilling Chase (Thrill) Border Collie
Calore Winter Temptation (Winter) Border Collie

By Calore Chutzpah out of Ch Calore Twinkling Star.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Border Collie
By Calore Chutzpah out of Ch Calore Rebel Heart.
(0 days)
Calore Marco Polo (Marco) (Dog) Border Collie
By Calore Chutzpah out of Ch Calore Oh Dear.
(0 days)
Calore Northern Lights (North) (Bitch) Border Collie
By Calore Chutzpah out of Ch Calore Like The Wind.
(8 days)
Calore Time Bandit (Bandit) (Dog) Border Collie
Calore Pony Up (Pony) (Dog) Border Collie
By Calore Chutzpah out of Ch Calore Temptress.
(9 days)
Calore Sweet But Psycho (Ava) (Bitch) Border Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Calore No Dress Code (Teddy) Border Collie
CH Calore Spring in the Air (Spring) Border Collie
GCH CH Calore To Infinity And Beyond (Buzz) Border Collie
General Info
Prestige: 94.3 (#17)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 7/31/2007
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 7/17/2019

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Upcomming Litters
Calore Hundred Acre Wood
Due 7/18/2019 to Calore Riddle Me This
CH Calore Like The Wind
Due 7/20/2019 to Calore Punch It
CH Calore Everfast
Due 7/21/2019 to Calore Thrilling Chase
CH Calore Temptress
Due 7/21/2019 to Calore Thrilling Chase