GCH CH Circuitry Beckoning (4ShMG1MG2MG4) Border Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry Birds Eye View (24thinShowMG1MG2MG4) Border Terrier
CH Circuitry Mayflower Madam (BWSSG1G3MG4) Border Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry The Midas Touch (BOSSG1G3) Border Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry A Wolly Bear Skye Terrier
CH Circuitry Fast N Furious (BOSWC) Skye Terrier
CH Circuitry My Funny Valentine (WBWCWBSS) Skye Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry Solitairy Gem (BISSBOSSSMG2MG3G4) Skye Terrier
CH Circuitry With Compassion (BOSSS) Skye Terrier
Circuitry A Bit Gruff Border Terrier
Circuitry Burning Embers Border Terrier
Circuitry Mother Nature Border Terrier
Circuitry Simple But Elegant Border Terrier
Circuity Who Hooo!!!!! Border Terrier
Circuity Make Your Voice Heard Skye Terrier

GCH CH Circuitry Promotion Board (G3) Border Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry Sir Barton (MBISSM4inShMG1MG3MG4) Border Terrier
CH Circuitry Watch Me Now (BISSG1MG3) Border Terrier
GCH CH PP Type AB (MBISS) Border Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry Factor This Skye Terrier
GCH CH Circuitry Surfin Safari (MBISSBOBWCG2) Skye Terrier
Circuitry Good Sport Border Terrier
Circuitry McCain Border Terrier
Circuitry Taking Risks Border Terrier
Circuitry Yellow Submarine (WDSS) Border Terrier
Circuitry Alfred Plea Skye Terrier
Circuitry Channel Maker Skye Terrier
Circuitry Chippendale Skye Terrier
Circuitry Delta Fire (BWSS) Skye Terrier
Circuitry Sparked A Wildfire Skye Terrier

By Ch Flavia Fire Storm out of Ch Circuitry The Midas Touch.
(7 days)
Circuitry Got Stormy (Bitch) Border Terrier
Circuitry Like A Freight Train (Dog) Border Terrier
By Ch Airboarding Storm Brewing out of Circuitry Simple But Elegant.
(7 days)
Circuitry Clark Kent (Dog) Border Terrier
By Ch Circuitry Surfin Safari out of Ch Circuitry My Funny Valentine.
(7 days)
Circuitry SumKindaWonderful (Bitch) Skye Terrier
By Ch Circuitry Off To Berne out of Ch Circuitry With Compassion.
(7 days)
Circuitry We Have Overcome (Bitch) Skye Terrier
Circuitry Positive Outlook (Dog) Skye Terrier
By Circuitry Delta Fire out of Circuity Make Your Voice Heard.
(7 days)
Circuitry SumbodyLovesMe (Bitch) Skye Terrier

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