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Chinese Cresteds
Norwegian Buhunds
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

CH Cloudpointe Axel Beauceron
CH Foxhaber A Delegate Beauceron
CH Thorneyash Half a Blue (95.50) Flat-Coated Retriever
CH Cloudpointe Norwegian Buhund
CH Cloudpointe A Cut Above Norwegian Buhund
CH Cloudpointe Fun Times Norwegian Buhund
CH Cloudpointe Im The Best Norwegian Buhund
CH Tanami Flitter By Norwegian Buhund
CH Tanami Flying High Norwegian Buhund
CH Tanami Gold Star Rising Norwegian Buhund
GCH CH Tanami Totally Cool Norwegian Buhund
CH Tanami Totally Night Norwegian Buhund
Cloudpointe Reign On Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Cloudpointe Bring It On Chinese Crested Dog

CH Cloudpointe Avery Beauceron
GCH CH RRoxs Heads Up! Beauceron
GCH CH RRoxs Jack Beauceron
CH RRoxs Romo Beauceron
GCH CH ESAN Boris (BIS) Borzoi
CH Whatadogz Grand Slam Chinese Crested Dog
CH Whatadogz Keeping Munny Chinese Crested Dog
CH Cloudpointe Time to Talk Norwegian Buhund
GCH CH Tanami Forgotten Summer (97.30d) Norwegian Buhund
CH Tanami Wild Horseman Norwegian Buhund
GCH CH KCMMs AstaLaVistaBaby Rottweiler
Cloudpointe Royal Guard Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Cloudpointe Far Far Away Norwegian Buhund

By Ch Tanami Forgotten Summer out of Ch Tanami Gold Star Rising.
(12 days)
Cloudpointe Pitch Black (Bitch) Norwegian Buhund
Cloudpointe Heads or Tails (Bitch) Norwegian Buhund
Cloudpointe Free Falling (Dog) Norwegian Buhund
By Ch Meilis Mister Moon out of Cloudpointe Bring It On.
(12 days)
Cloudpointe Golden Eagle (Bitch) Chinese Crested Dog
Cloudpointe Make My Day (Bitch) Chinese Crested Dog
By Simply Forward March out of Cloudpointe Reign On.
(12 days)
Cloudpointe I Cant Wait (Dog) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Cloudpointe Finish Line (Bitch) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
By Ch RRoxs Heads Up! out of Ch Foxhaber A Delegate.
(12 days)
Cloudpointe Like You Stole It (Dog) Beauceron
Cloudpointe High Drive (Dog) Beauceron
By Ch Tanami Mars Rover out of Tanami Fly into the Night.
(12 days)
Tanami Gone to Mars (Dog) Norwegian Buhund

Retirement Couch
CH Meilis Mister Moon (97.00) Chinese Crested Dog
General Info
Prestige: 89.0 (#62)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 3/14/2012
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 9/21/2017
Community Rank: 423rd
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