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Portuguese Pointers

4-30-18 SDWC won by CH.Coal Tars Ironman
4-20-18 Portie National won by Coal Tars Kentucky Sunrise

2-28-18 SDWC won by CH.Coal Tars Sunset House
2-21-18 4th in Group GCH. Coal Tars Tree Tinsel
1-31-18 SDWC won by GCH.Coal Tars Tree Tinsel
1-23-18 4th in Group CH.Coal Tars Tree Tinsel
1-18-18 3rd in Group CH.Coal Tars Tree tinsel
1-15-18 4th in Group CH. Coal Tars Tree Tinsel
1-7-18 4th in Group Coal Tars Tinsel Tree
12-29-17 2nd in GROUP GCH.Shining McCoy
12-20-17 Portie National won by CH.Shining McCoy
12-14-17 BISS CH.Shining McCoy
10-18-17 4th in GROUP Coal Tar*s Wicked Charm
5-26-17 Speciality won by GCH. Owl Invisible
BEST in GROUP 10-13-16 CH.Coal Tar*s Tauskey
BEST in GROUP 9-1-16 CH.Coal Tar Jokers Wild

BRONZE SIREGCH.Coal Tars Owl Invisible

Champion Glennies bred in this Kennel = 20

In my original Glennie Kennel "Coal Tar" we produced 215 Champions.
Puli Champions =3

Updated 12-29-17

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Prestige: 65.2 (#210)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/20/2012
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 12/13/2018
Community Rank: 404th
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