GCH CH Collegedale End of Innocense (MBISS2ndSSMG2MG3MG4) Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale Lion In Wait Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale Shes A Julie Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Collegedale Shes Got the Look (MG4) Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale In Los Memory Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Collegedale Makin A Name (M3rdinShowMG1MG2MG3G) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Collegedale Sweet N Wicked (BIS4inShMG1MG2MG3MG4) Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Delta Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Gamma Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Just The Ticket Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Sprited Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Enable Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Global Warming Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Heaven Knows Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale New Leaf Tibetan Terrier

CH Collegedale Accelerate (G2G3) Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale The Favorite Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale Whitmore Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale 2 Different Trips (BWWC) Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Baptized (G1MG4) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Collegedale Bastille (3rdShMG1MG2MG3MG4) Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Collegedale Bigger Picture (MBIS24ShMG1MG2MG3MG4) Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Sorceror Tibetan Terrier
GCH CH Collegedale The Haskell (MG1MG2MG3MG4) Tibetan Terrier
CG Sparked A Midnight Rumor Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Arch Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Progressive Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Tau Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Imperial Hint Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale McCarthy (G4) Tibetan Terrier

By Ch Diego State of Affair out of Ch Collegedale Love Connection.
(11 days)
Collegedale Hell Night (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Beta (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Alpha (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By Ch Diego Stylish out of Ch Collegedale End of Innocense.
(11 days)
Collegedale Kappa (Dog) Ibizan Hound
By Ch Nachthunde Hayate out of Ch Collegedale In Los Memory.
(11 days)
Collegedale Gold Rush (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Baby Bell (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Look Out Below (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Crossing The TN (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
CG Silver And Gold (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch Nachthunde LanFan out of Ch Collegedale Great Awakening.
(11 days)
Collegedale Drink Yer Meals (Dog) Tibetan Terrier
By Ch Nachthunde Hayate out of Ch Collegedale Let Freedom Ring.
(11 days)
Collegedale Leap of Faith (Bitch) Tibetan Terrier

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