CH Collegedale Blown Away Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale Chickadee Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Collegedale Light My Fire Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale SnowBallFight Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale 2HailWithIT Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Interventionist Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Meteor Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Registration Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Round 2 Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Its Gradual Ibizan Hound
Collegedale NorEaster Ibizan Hound
Collegedale The Stewardess Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Chibi Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Hail Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Paris Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Starlight Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale The Addict Tibetan Terrier

CH Collegedale GloInTheDark Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Collegedale Professor Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale The Shredder Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale The Sirens Ibizan Hound
CH Collegedale Under Fire Ibizan Hound
GCH CH Collegedale Dont Assume Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Falling Star Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale Never Forget Tibetan Terrier
CH Collegedale North Star Tibetan Terrier
CH Xizang Storm Warning Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Gone Hiking Tibetan Terrier
Collegedale Weatherman Tibetan Terrier

By VikingDog Find My Sword out of Ch Collegedale SnowBallFight.
(4 days)
Collegedale False Prophet (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Passionate (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By Rockhill Buckaroo Bonzai out of Ch Collegedale Blown Away.
(4 days)
Collegedale Fly Away Birdie (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
Collegedale YinandYang (Dog) Ibizan Hound
By VikingDog Find My Sword out of Ch Collegedale Light My Fire.
(4 days)
Collegedale King David (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Collegedale Angel In White (Bitch) Ibizan Hound

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