Comic Operetta

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Retirement Couch
CH Chaos Lord Elric (10H/9.6S/9.0Hq/G/TNB) Pug
CH Comic Chaos Prevails Pug
GCH CH Comic Circassian Spun Magic (*10/9.7/8.7/9.0/9.4/) Pug
CH Comic EldritchKings DarkPower (10H/9.3HQ/) Pug
GCH CH Comic EldritchKings Escapade (10H/9.2HQ/TopLine) Pug
GCH CH Comic Event Horizon (10H/9.0C/9.6S/9.0FQ/) Pug
GCH CH Comic Master Wizard of Chaos (TopLine 9.1FQ) Pug
CH Comic Melnibonés E Prize (*9.8/9.8/8.8/9.0/9.3) Pug
CH Comic Melnibonés Spin of Magic (*10/9.7/8.6/9.1/9.Ee) Pug
GCH CH Comic Mithric Imago Clipeata (*10/9.8/8.7/9.2/9.4/) Pug
CH Comic RoyalSpinning Escapade Pug
CH Comic Spin Me Another Magic Pug
GCH CH Comic Spinning Rules 2 Win Pug
Comic Chaotic Dark Matter (Xon IronicDreams 95+) Pug
Comic Devine Rite of Magic (9.2FQ/) Pug
Comic Ironic Dreams Foretell (GnEe*10/9.8/8.6/9.0/) Pug
Comic Noble Rules Spin Too (10/9.8/8.2/9.1/9.4/) Pug
Comic Spin Around Dark Magic Pug
General Info
Prestige: 32.1 (#490)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/24/2014
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 4/21/2018
Community Rank: 958th
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